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We use our PC and laptops for various tasks, from playing games, working purposes, and studying to binge-watching our favorite series and movies. The CPU, GPU, and other vital components of our system play their roles. With their proper functioning, we can do our work easily and efficiently. As the various components work, some common problems arise. One of them is heating. While it is expected, while working, those components emit heat. But sometimes, when we do some editing or gaming, this requires the components to work at their best. This results in excessive heat emission from the fans of the components.

You might also hear a sudden irritating sound coming out from the system. This sounds as if someone has increased the volume of your earphones to 200%!!!. This is because excessive heat is being generated. Sometimes drive failures obstruct the motherboard’s function, and eventually, heat emission exceeds. Moreover, there can be different reasons for excessive heating of your system.

Fans are placed in the components for heat control and cooling down. For increasing or decreasing temperature, according to our need, fan software is helpful. Fan control software optimizes the system. They control the speed of the fan as the work you do demands it. This software is easy to use. They will surely help in the seamless performance of your device.

Let us go through some fan control software for Windows, which are easy to use, reliable, and adept.

The Best Fan Control Software For Windows

1. MSI Afterburner

MSI develops this software. A reputed name in the PC and software developing arena. This software doesn’t charge you any bucks. Most of the software might give you limited access. But this beast gives you total control of your system. Besides monitoring your system, this software provides options to control your fan speed. You can choose from the options given according to your need and hardware performance.

1. MSI Afterburner

It consists of an automated O.C. Scanner function. This determines the most suitable overclock settings. It’s graphical display shows all the fluctuating stats of the targeted components.

You can easily handle this software, and the manual is easy to understand. This software will not give you any complaints. It works efficiently and keeps your system at it’s optimal temperature.

2. SpeedFan

This is one of the software which was launched earliest on the market. It came into the market simultaneously with Windows 9x. It is also compatible with other Windows, ranging from Windows 9x, Vista, XP, Windows 7,8, and others. This application is power-packed. It controls your fan’s speed and displays your fan’s voltage. This feature helps to monitor your system. The more you know about the information going inside, the more it will be helpful.

2. SpeedFan

Apart from this, the fan temperature controller optimizes the system well. The software, as an early bird, has been programmed well. It displays crucial stats.

This software doesn’t stop here. It can access both digital sensors as well as S.M.A.R.T. info. S.M.A.R.T. helps in automatically adjusting the speed of the fan of the CPU. Moreover, this also helps in knowing the temperature of your hard disk.

Setting up this software is not cumbersome. Firstly, you have to set the speed limit of the fan manually. The software targets individual fans. Set the minimum fan speed. While tuning the lower bar of the limit, you will hear a sound. This sound indicates you have successfully done it.

This is power-packed software, and it will not let your expectations down.

3. Argus Monitor

It is a very dependable and easy-to-use software. The official website offers you a 30-day free trial to use it for an indefinite period, you must make a one-time payment of $19.95. It runs efficiently in the background without interfering with your work. The speed control of the fans is significantly simplified in the software. This also helps in monitoring the hard disk’s health and it’s temperature.

3. Argus Monitor

This software takes data from different sources. It notes the temperature accordingly and eventually adjusts the fan speed. The control system also instantly boosts the speed of fans in some cases.

The graphical display is interactive and displays the real-time stats in a significantly simplified manner. You have to register your email while using this software. The software uses this registered email to send notifications of temperature, fan speed, and other information.

This is one of the most remarkable software. You will not regret paying for this software.

4. EasyTune 5

Gigabyte has developed EasyTune software for controlling the speed of the fans. You can download it free from the official website of Gigabyte. It has a Smart Fan feature which gives you direct command on CPU’s fan speed. There are various modes on which you can set it. In the Advanced mode, you can use the Memory INtelligent Booster feature. CPU smart Accelerator is also part of this model.

4. EasyTune 5

It enables you to configure the speed of cooling of the fan. You can select at which R.P.M. the fan should be run by the system. It also cools down the chipset located on the motherboard of the system. This keeps the crucial components safe and makes them work at their best.

Moreover, you can manage to overclock parameters, which would increase the proficiency of your system.

5. Corsair Link

It is one of the best fan control software on the market. It’s features help control the overheating of the components of the PC or laptop. The user-friendly interface helps you to easily adjust the fan at various speeds. You can also check the CPU’s temperature and that of the hard disk. The real-time display is very informative. It also sends warning notifications. It also gives voltage readings.

5. Corsair Link

For gamers, it is the apt software available. The remarkable thing in this software is Hydro Series liquid CPU coolers. This automatically cools down, running the fans at sufficient speed to counter heating.

It works mainly on all Windows versions. For more information, visit the official website.

6. ASUS Suite 3

ASUS is a renowned name in the gaming industry. The ASUS Suite 3 fan controller for Windows is helpful. For your ASUS motherboard, this is the most compatible fan controlling software. It is available at no cost. It has multiple advanced features making it a formidable competitor in the list. It has the Fan Xpert4 feature, which helps in the automatic adjustment of the fan speed. This feature is primarily for the ASUS motherboards.

Fan Control Software

This keeps the data of your CPU performance. Tracking the CPU’s temperature helps the software regulate the fan speed. It helps in countering excessive heating of components and cooling down them.

The software developers worked well while developing this masterpiece. It’s algorithm finds the minimum fan speed. This helps in suitable speed distribution among various fans. It also minimizes the noise made by fans when they emit heat.

For the ASUS users, this software is above all. In a nutshell, it will prove it’s efficiency when used.

7. HWMonitor

This software has been playing a vital role in controlling the speed of fans. It is easy to use the software. For a while, it has been gaining popularity for it’s good results. You can control and monitor the CPU fan speed. The software gives you real-time data. It has a very simplified view where you can see the minimum and maximum speed of the fans. The fan itself automatically calculates these speeds. So by seeing this, the software adjusts the speed of fans accordingly.

Fan Control Software

The software also monitors the voltage of your system’s motherboard. For future references, you save the data in a .txt file.

Apart from controlling the speed of fans, this software also offers to connect any network.

It is compatible with all Windows versions, even the latest Windows 11. It works for both 32 and 64-bit versions. It is free-to-use software, not affecting your pocket. This will help in the errorless working of your system.

  1. Zotac FireStorm

It has a very easy-to-understand user interface. This software uses Nvidia Graphic cards. This gives a very simplified view of real-time stats of fan speeds and temperatures. This software cools down your system by controlling the speed of the fans. It also has GPU overclocking features. The clock section in the software gives you control over all the clocks. Ranging from GPU clock to shader clock, you can manage all.

Fan Control Software

In Spite of controlling fan speed, this software helps in RGB control. In this, the colors red, green, and blue are used. These colors are used to make different mixtures of colors. This results in a very interactive and stylish look for your desktop.

For Windows 10 and 11, it is one of the best software. But it doesn’t mean it is not compatible with other Windows versions. It will also work well on them.

9. Wise System Monitor

The popular Wise Cleaner also offers fan controlling software. The Wise System Monitor will help you overcome the excessive heating of your PC. Alongside temperature monitoring, this provides monitoring of RAM usage. This software not only works in the foreground but also in the background. It’s multilingual feature helps make it widely popular in different countries.

Fan Control Software

The software takes up very little space on your hard disk. This makes it convenient to use. The software has been developed with utmost proficiency, making it work efficiently.

If you think it is unsuitable, the company offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee.

10. Notebook Fan Control

While playing your nerve-pumping games, the noisy fan might irritate you. The overheating of your system could interrupt your gaming experience. No worries, Notebook Fan Control is here to solve your problem. The user-friendly and simplified interface helps anyone use this software without professional guidance. The software collects the required information from various components. Accordingly, it maintains the required temperature and displays real-time stats.

Fan Control Software

While some software, after installation, can’t be disabled. You can disable this software whenever you feel you do not need it. Notwithstanding, it is better to keep it in auto mode. The auto mode is best as it does all the work automatically. Also, it is suitable for your motherboard.

The software works on all versions of Windows, and you can navigate to the official website to download it.


While the overheating of your system might hinder your work. It can also affect the most vital components of your system adversely. It is better to install any fan control software. Here we tried to provide the best fan control software for Windows. They will be a real savior.

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