10 Best Oneplus 6T Camera Tips And Tricks

With all the buzz OnePlus managed to create news about its new flagship phone, the OnePlus 6T, many of you have decided to buy or have already bought the OnePlus 6T. Along with a great memory and processors with unmatched speed, OnePlus has delivered a brilliant camera. With portrait mode, Nightscape and the pro mode powered with a 16 megapixel and 20-megapixel primary dual camera and a 16-megapixel front camera, you can unleash your inner photographer and click pictures with out of this world clarity. If you are a photographer or interested in photography, the OnePlus 6T would be an ideal pick for you. With a phone that fits your budget and delivers an excellent experience, the OnePlus 6T will not fail to impress.

If you wish to exploit the camera to its full potential, here are ten best OnePlus 6T camera tips and tricks that will help you get the best pictures.

List of the best OnePlus 6T camera tips and tricks:

The Bokeh Sphere

When you click a picture on the portrait mode, you can add an additional filter of the bokeh sphere that will make your pictures look a lot better and artistic with spheres of light blurred in the background. Give your pictures an aesthetic touch with the bokeh sphere.

Vibrant background for portrait photos

If you wish to get good pictures on the portrait mode, it would be ideal for you to pick a vibrant background to make the picture brighter and colorful. The vibrant background will make your picture livelier and will complement the aesthetic of this picture.

Save normal pictures along with the portrait mode

Oneplus 6T Camera

One of the best features in the OnePlus 6T is that it allows you to save the original, unedited picture along with the portrait mode picture. If the picture in portrait mode ends up being a little messed up or not up to your satisfaction, you still have a copy of the unedited picture as a backup.

Separate the focal point and the exposure point

If you are a photographer, you know how helpful this feature is. You can adjust where the picture is being focused and where the light is coming from. A little practice and the ability to make tweaks should help you great pictures.

Option to save custom Presets

Every photographer has a particular camera setting that he/she is comfortable with. OnePlus gives you an option of saving up to two cameras presets that comes handy while clicking pictures and is a productive hack. To save custom preset:

Open pro modeàTap the “C” button(on the top left corner)

Save the RAW image

A RAW image is an image file that has all the uncompressed data from the picture. While this picture might look a little bland and unappealing, a little editing and tweaks can give you lively pictures with brilliant colors and edges.

Balance picture composition with the Golden Ratio

The Golden ratio is a very important essence of photography. The grid can help you place your photo in the ideal position to get the best picture with the object of your choice present in the best position grabbing more attention. To activate this option:

Open settingsàSelect Grids sectionàSelect “Golden Ratio.”

Lock exposure and focus

This option is a very handy option when you are clicking pictures. Every time you change the angle of the camera or shift the position of your hands, the point of exposure and focus changes. Once you lock the exposure and focus, you won’t have to worry about moving your hands and still get a good picture.

Video trimming option

When you shoot a video, sometimes there is a lot of unwanted content on the video. With this option, you can trim your videos to show only the specific clip, reducing the length and the size of the video.

 Shoot and edit slow motion videos

One of the best features of the OnePlus 6T is the slow-motion option on the phone. With the OnePlus 6T camera giving you an option to capture videos at 480 frames per second instead of the conventional 240 frames per second, the OnePlus also gives an option of editing the videos according to your preference, you can trim the video, edit the clip and even add music presets to the video, making it look more appealing to the eye.

These tips and tricks should help you use the OnePlus 6T camera to its full potential and unleash the beast within.

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