Best Crafting Games

Whenever we listen to the word “video games”, we usually think of adrenaline-boosting games like racing or violent first-person shooter games. Some examples include Asphalt 8, CSR racing, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Counter-strike, and more. Luckily, that is not true. Imagine how boring the gaming experience would have become if only these game genres existed. Many games are open-world and provide the players with an option to craft something. These best crafting games let your imagination run loose and allows your creativity to shine. The sheer imagination in such games makes them captivating and compelling.

What are Crafting Games?

Crafting games are always confused with building games, especially by newbies. Crafting and building are two different things. In building games, the goal is to build something bigger, like a base or a building. But that is not the case with crafting games. Crafting is gathering different resources or materials to make something useful.

This can be seen extensively in survival games. In an environment where survival is difficult, the player has to gather small things. After putting these things together, an instrument or a weapon can be crafted. For instance, creating a potion after gathering chemicals. The potions then can be used on the enemies.

Now, without wasting time, let’s dive into the ocean of popular best crafting games playable in 2022.

Best Crafting Games for 2022

1. Trove

Trove is a popular game in the MMORPG category. Because Trove is a sandbox game, it gives the player a significant degree of freedom. In the beginning, you will be given a piece of land. You will then have to prosper it with plants and animals to make it livable.

1. Trove

Like Minecraft, the players can loot different areas, complete quests, and blast away the enemies. As you move ahead in the game, you can loot more areas, have to fight more enemies, and can explore more lands.

The best part is that there are crafting stations made in many areas. The player just has to go there and craft something out of the resources gathered. Anything can be crafted from decor to mechanical and weaponry. Having the ability to improve the quality of already equipped objects is a cherry on the cake.

Throughout the game, you will get several chances to gather resources and craft something from them. On top of that, Trove is also a building game that enhances the gaming experience to the next level.

2. 7 Days to Die

Merely the name is enough to indicate the presence of horrific creatures. With post-apocalyptic touch, 7 days to die is a scary open world and one of the best crafting games. With zombies littering the world, you have to survive from those dead-looking living rotten bodies. After every seven in-game days, a wave of these ugly creatures will start looking for you. The game will ensure that you have to scavenge for your uncertain life.

2. 7 Days to Die

As mentioned earlier, crafting is an essential and must-have feature in most survival games. In 7 days to die, as the horde of the dead grows, you need to strengthen your fortress. For this, you have to have guns, armors, traps, etc., to make a hindrance for the horde that seeks you. All these weapons can be crafted once you have gathered the resources needed to craft them.

You would definitely have to craft a splint when you plummet into a basement from a rotten floorboard, disturbing a crowd of sleeping zombies. Every in-game passing day becomes more challenging to survive in a zombie-infested world.

3. Minecraft

No best crafting games list is complete without Minecraft. What made this game so unique was it’s versatility. The player has a free hand to craft almost everything. From equipment required for embarking on the adventure to setting TNT traps to prevent intruders, everything can be crafted. Wait, it’s not over yet. With a heap of red stones, you can even create a rollercoaster.

Best crafting games

Minecraft is a complex blend of creativity and the ability to stay alive when played in survival mode. When played in creative mode, you are free to craft whatever you desire. On top of that, you can also show your Minecraft builds online. There is a community of Minecraft-loving gamers who will be happy to show you what they have crafted.

To spice things up, Minecraft mods and texture packs can be installed to enhance the crafting experience. No wonder why Minecraft is the best of the best. The only limitation in crafting is your imagination. If you just imagined a flying bed, guess what? You can craft this too.

4. No Man’s Sky

No man’s sky is a multiplayer game you can play with friends. At the time of launching, the game did not have many features. The developers then made some updates available to enhance the gaming experience. The game is set in a futuristic survival environment where you will have plenty of options to craft something.

Best crafting games

The game becomes successful as it also gives you a touch of building. You can build a house to live in or seek shelter. Crafting is also demanded by the game significantly when growing the base of the house. For instance, you can craft a circuit board for your house using a capacitor and poly fiber. But the surprise is that you would have to forge some things to make these items.

In the game, you will find yourself in an endless galaxy. You will have access to a spaceship for traveling to other planets. Traveling is necessary because you can study and gather the resources there. What is so intriguing is the fact that these planets are randomly generated. This means that there will be different resources and conditions that you will have to deal with accordingly.

5. Rust

Rust is an online MMO game. In this game, you are washed onto the shores completely naked with nothing at your disposal. In a land where everyone is out to kill you, Rust is a popular survival game.

Best crafting games

You will have to start gathering resources to craft equipment for your survival. To progress, you must kill the critters, join a clan, craft your base, and involve yourself in raids. When you start, you will have to gather things to craft primary weapons and a campfire to keep your character alive.

The game also gives you the ability to build. You can build a fortress as a safe shelter. In an environment where every player intends to kill you, the best bet is to create a clan of same-mentality players. This allows you to patrol in different areas with a big crowd.

In the comprehensive open-world game, you even have to find food for yourself, giving the game a realistic touch. In addition to enemies, wild animals are also counted as a potential danger.

6. Terraria

Terraria is a sandbox-based action-adventure game with a significant degree of freedom. Terraria is very much like Minecraft. Both games have combat, exploration, building, and crafting parts. The game is 2D with a procedurally generated-action-paced game.

6. Terraria

After having your first base crafted, you can start exploring the areas to hunt monsters and find crafting resources. The game allows you to craft a wide range of weapons. For instance, you can craft bows and guns. Melee weapons like yo-yos or swords are also craftable. Weapons are crucial in this game because you need to kill animals for food.

There is also a weapon-damage grading system. After eliminating the enemy from the face of Terraria, the damage done by your weapon will pop out of them. This makes it super easy to realize which weapons are more destructive and which should be used to slay more brutal monsters. The only drawback is that the official Terraria version is not free to play.

7. Ark: Survival Evolved

If taming dinosaurs and riding on them in battles is what amuses you, then Ark is undoubtedly made for you. The game has over 176 creatures, including mythical creatures like the phoenix and real-life creatures like T-rex dinosaurs. With that extensive list of creatures, the game is perfect for keeping you on the adventure.

7. Ark- Survival Evolved

The crux of the Ark is the collection of dinosaurs. You will have to craft many things for your dinos. For instance, you can craft a saddle to ride on the dino. You can also craft everyday items like a ramshackle, spear, stone tools, etc.

Ark is slightly different from other games when we talk about the base. When you log off, the character of the game remains in the game. This means that you will have to create a sturdy base. Otherwise, all your food, farming supplies, and crafting supplies can be gone. This feature adds up to the charm of the game. The acceptance of Ark made it possible to have the developers work on Ark 2, which is expected to be released in 2022.

8. Don’t Starve

Not only does the game title sounds intriguing, but the game itself is very enjoyable. In most survival games, you are just thrown into the wilderness, where you have to find ways to protect yourself. Don’t survive did a very good job in this gaming style because you will find yourself on an island trapped by a demon.

8. Don't Starve

Surviving is not easy in this game. The game ensures you are always in danger, finding ways to save your uncertain life. You will have to craft almost a dozen of steampunk-inspired and Victorian contraptions to survive in the wilderness. You can craft different sorts of objects, structures, and tools.

In a harsh environment, you are forced to survive. This means you must explore resources and carefully consider what you should craft. Crafting is a significant part of ensuring you can survive the day from enemies popping up in the dark out of nowhere.

9. Green Hell

Green hell successfully makes it happen to keep you scared from being lost in the dark jungles. In this challenging survival game, you have to navigate the Amazon rainforest. While navigating, there will be many poisoning foods and tropical diseases that you have to avoid.

9. Green Hell

The brutal difficulty and realism brings praise to the game. In green hell, you must constantly search for resources to craft weapons, armor, tools, and medicine to survive. There are many fun parts in the game too. For instance, fashioning bandages using a banana leaf or collecting enough banana leaves to make a meat smoker or water collector.

To add to the realistic approach, the game even considers the nutrition of your food. Your abilities will be affected by the food you consume based on the macronutrient profile of that food, sanity value, and hydration levels.

10. Scrap Mechanic

You might have guessed the nature of the game from the title. In scrap mechanic, you play as a mechanic who just crash-landed on a planet full of disorderly robots. You might have guessed what you have to do now. To survive in the alien’s regime, you must use scrap parts of the robots and craft something out of them.

10. Scrap Mechanic

In the game, you can craft amazing things like monster trucks, buggies, or even full-fledged factories. This is a perfect game to apply all your engineering imaginations here. You can use parts from all those malfunctioned and useless robots to bring your imaginations to life. Scrap mechanic’s vibe is similar to Minecraft. You will put things together and watch them come to life. With over 100 items available, you can craft transforming vehicles and even houses that move. With both creative and survival modes, the game never disappoints you in making you engaged in a harsh environment.

11. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a farmer-based crafting game where all your efforts are for your farm. You will be greeted on the farms of your grandfather by leaving behind a world full of fantasies and hectic purposeless jobs. Once you are on the farm, you only have a handpicked of simple tools with no money in your pocket to invest in something. You must craft recipes to convert an overgrown farm into a well-established one with food and animals. On top of that, fences have to be created and installed to prevent the animals from straying away.

11. Stardew Valley

And that is not it. You can craft kegs and beehives for your farm. Now, it is not that you can only craft for the farm. You can craft bombs to clear out the nearby caves when exploring caves. Unlike other survival or crafting games, there is no rush to do all the crafting as fast as possible. It is up to you with what pace you will progress with your farm.

The cherry on the cake is the change of climates in the game, which will affect your farm. You will have to craft the necessary equipment accordingly.

Wrapping Up

Not every gamer enjoys thriller first-person shooting games that increase your adrenaline levels. Such game genres lack the use or implementation of gamers’ imagination. There is no aspect of adventuring either. Luckily, plenty of action-adventure and survival-based best crafting games are available.

You can use all of your imagination in these crafting games. From crafting essential tools or weapons, you can either craft monster trucks, flying beds, factories, buggies, and much more. With some games, the only limitation to crafting is your imagination.

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