Grim Dawn Best Builds

Grim Dawn comes with some amazing builds. This action role-playing game offers many options to the players, such as amazing combat, weapons and challenges. The excellent gameplay and challenging quests have increased the game’s popularity among gamers across the globe. Though all the builds of this game are quite nice, some of them outlast the others. Here, we have mentioned the best builds of the game in terms of their survival duration and damage potential. If you want to know about the best builds in Grim Dawn, go through this complete article, as here we have mentioned some of the best builds of the game that can help you progress in the game. Some of these will help you to reach the later waves of the Shattered Realm in the game. It will also be easy for you to defeat Mogdrogen(the secret god). So, let’s start with the builds of the game.

Grim Dawn Best Builds of 2023

As almost every build in the game comes with amazing benefits, it is quite difficult to select the best build in the game. However, here we have mentioned 12 of the Grim Dawn best builds that can help you to go through the difficulties of the game.


This is one of the Grim Dawn best builds that you can use. This is the build for expert players to win against the stronger enemies and go through the bigger challenges. This build offers you a heavy armory and shields to handle deadly attacks without any hazards. Also, if you love to play the game in ultimate mode, this is one of the best builds you can use. However, this build is usually not needed in the initial stages of the game. You can have this build in your arsenal to surpass difficult challenges.

This build has an amazing ability to carry out and sustain deadly attacks, making it one of the strongest builds for expert players. If you are considering going for a melee combat or using pet summons, make sure to have this build on your priority list. It can summon creatures which will add extra benefits to your gameplay. The amazing two-handed weapon attacks will help you to inflict deep internal trauma. This amazing build is focused on having briar thorns, a blight fiend, 8 skeletons and a primal spirit.

Ritualist can be described as a combination of Shaman+Necromancer. Necromancer is one of the best skills that will be needed in the later gameplay. This skill includes 10 Reaping Strikes, 12 Necrotic Edge, 4 Call of the Grave, 1 Rotting Fumes, 12 Will of the Crypt, 16 Raised Skeletons, 12 Undead legion and a Blight Burst. On the other hand, the Shaman skill includes 12 Brute Force, 4 Ground Slam, 10 Feral Hunger, Primal Bond 12, 16 Summon Briarthorn and 6 Conjure Primal Spirit.

With all these amazing abilities, it can be said that it is one of the Grim Dawn best builds of 2023.

Bleeding Build

If you are close to reaching the warder level of hundred, it is one of the most important builds that you will need. The special benefit of this build is that you will get constant speeds on the trash. Also, it will offer you big bleeding sticks. Though it is a nice build that will be handy for you, it has very little resistance to combat or attacks. So, choose this build wisely.


According to many players, it is one of the best builds of the game, which is extremely flexible. This build can be easily used in subclasses. There are several other benefits of using this build, as it has a powerful attack supported by Cadencea. Also, it can carry out Pump Vitality and Vitality Decay damages.

It should be mentioned that Bat, Wendigo, and Veilwarden should be looked upon while constellating. Because of the high stature of this build, it should be considered one of the best you can go for.

Death Knight

If you plan to pair with other new classes, it is the best build you can go for. This build has an amazing intellect that will help you take maximum damage and survive deadly attacks. This build will help you keep your character safe and sound, as several attacks will not damage your character. The attacks of this build are also quite deadly. Though, like any other build in the game, it has some negatives, the benefits are more favorable. So, it is a decent build that you can use.


It comes with an excellent integration with poison and acid after pairing it with Nightblade mastery. If you want to increase your overall acid damage capability, you can use this item. However, it is better to mention that the Rat, Eye Of The Guardian, Scorpion, Manticore, Murmur, Abomination and Yugol The Insatiable Night will offer you some extra benefits.

The main benefits you will get from the OathKeeper side include 12 Consecration, 2 Haven, 2 Ascension, 1 Scion of Dreeg, 1 Dreeg’s Reproach, 5 Retribution, 12 presence of Virtue, 2 Rebuke, 2 Summon Guardian of Empryion, etc. Talking about the Nightblade side, with this, you will get 5 Dual Blades, 3 Belgothain Sheers, 12 Lethal  Assault, 16 Amastara’s Blade Burst, 10 Veil of Shadow, 10 Night’s Chill and 12 Merciless Repertoire. This build will allow you to Switch between Amastara’s Blade Burst and Righteous Fervor. Both of them can inflict maximum damage.

It is the best build you can use if you love to play offensive. The build offers powerful attacks for maximum damage. You can maximize your full potential by using the correct skills and gear. This build is a pioneer of dodge attacks. He has strong armor, which increases his overall health making him more efficient for deadly attacks. Because of his amazing attacking abilities, you can win difficult combats, fights and challenges.


It is a perfect combination of lightning, cunning and spirit that you can use for attacking purposes. This will allow you to carry out the AoE attacks. This build comes with weapons in both hands. Also, if you have a few extra goodies in your hand, you can spend them on Menhir’s Will.

This build will enhance your defense by offering you the resistance boosters. It is important in the gameplay to check your health whenever needed. It comes with Mogdrogen’s Pact and Heart of the Wild for that particular purpose. It is a handy build you can use to progress in the gameplay.

Conjurer Summoner Build

If you are willing to curse a plethora of monsters in a single attempt, which is no easy task, you can go for this build. Besides that, if you plan to loot, you can use this build’s handy little pet monsters for that purpose. These tiny monsters will do the complete job for you and you will only need to collect the loot from them at the end.

Vindicator Build

This build offers plenty of benefits to players. The benefits include the ability to switch to a toad without any fuss. Also, with this build, you can increase it’s maximum charge. When you use the build, change it’s devotions before adding more to the charge. It is a build for extreme moments and some players prefer to avoid this build until the most challenging situation arrives.

Nightmare’s Vitality Cabalist

This build can be compared with the ritualist, as you may need this build during the later stage of the game. This will come with amazing efficiency in managing tough and enduring challenges. The unique feature of this build is dominating the endgame seamlessly. So, this build can be handy in difficult phases of the game. The build also comes with the ability to double the attack, which makes it even more special.

Bloody Pox Build

It is a fast devour and comes with the ability to quickly debuff swarms. It is a build that can lift your overall strength. This can lessen the impact of damage on your character by offering him more strength to fight and take damage. However, it should be mentioned that if you need to upgrade this build at any point in the game, use the Heart of Oak or the Wendigo totem.

Another benefit of using this build is that you can double it’s effect without any hazards seamlessly. You’ll only need to use the Soldier’s retaliation effect for that purpose. You can use the Empty Throne devotion or ride on the Chariot of the Dead to add strength to the build.


The next build on the list is the spellbreaker build which will allow you to fully use the Flash Freeze, Blade Spirit, and Trozan’s Sky Shard. It is the perfect build for cold damage without any hidden secrets. The TSS rolling of the build is also attention-worthy. If you find your character stuck among a bunch of enemies in one place, the TSS rolling is the first thing you should try without any second thought.

The Sphere of protection and Pneumatic Burst efficiently cover the caster. You can look forward to Tsunami and Amatok as well. These might come handy later in the game for the Spirit of Winter.

Lightning Build

It is one of the best builds you can use at the initial stage of the game. If you are at the initial stage of the game and cannot hold any handy gear, it is your option to choose. This build goes for the Warder rather than choosing the Elementalist, which is beneficial for players. It also comes with several other perks, including the benefits of wartime, blitz, strong resistance for defense, and the ability to reduce the overall impact of damage. So, if you are a newcomer, you should definitely try this build.

So, here we have mentioned the 12 Grim Dawn best builds that you should use. We will also mention a few other builds for your convenience, as these builds can also be beneficial for you to make progress in the game.


It is a part of the Occultist/Demolitionist build. It offers high chances of inflicting chaos and vitality damage by using Solael’s Witchfire. However, the option of using Stun Jacks or Flashbang is always open for you. Make sure you are equipped with weapons in both arms before you go for that.

Moreover, this build comes with other long-range capabilities as well. If you prefer to jump into the multiplayer domain while playing the game, check out Summon Familiar and Mend Flesh. This, along with either the Hellhound or Doom Bolt would definitely offer you benefits over your competitors.


This is one of the builds that should be mentioned on the list. It is something similar to the aforementioned Lightning build and also is loved by newcomers. Players, especially the new players, can easily try this build in deadly combats. The only drawback of this build is that this build might not be useful in the latter stages of the game as it is a build that is specially made for the initial stages. However, this point is quite understandable. So, if you have just started playing the game, it is one of the builds that you should try.

Ending words

So, here we have mentioned 12 of Grim Dawn best builds that you can use while playing the game in 2023, along with two optional builds that you can use depending on your situation. Though all the builds mentioned above are beneficial for users, it mostly depends on what your preferences are and on which level you are playing. You will need to choose the perfect build for yourself according to your strategy. We hope that this article was helpful and you have successfully understood which build you can use and at which stage of the game.

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