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In this article, we will provide you the Gmail that will help you. Tips Many people spent a lot of their time while working on Gmail. If you are among those people who spent most of their day emailing then here’s is a question for you. Are you making the most out of your Email Client? Gmail right now is the biggest email client. It has a lot of features that can help you in managing all your coming emails and it can help you in making most out of it.

Hers’s is the Tips that you can use while working on the Gmail:

Mute Disturbing Emails:

Sometimes you can get involved in a group of email threads that can be really disturbing for you. These threads become really disturbing on a laptop or PC than on the mobile.

They can be distracted for you throughout your workday especially in these conditions when you are working from home.

If you are a part of some email group and you longer want to take part in the discussion can you can leave or mute the group.

Just open the email thread, click on the triple dots in the top right and just click on Mute. The whole thread will be moved to the archive folder and remain there.

You will receive the new emails on that group but you won’t be notified. When you want to see the emails on that group simply search it or open the archive folder.

You can always be able to unmute it when you desire to take part in the group conversation or want updates of what’s happening in the group.

Snooze the Emails:

Similarly to the snooze option on your alarm which let you delay the alarm for some time when you aren’t ready to wake up. Gmail also has a snooze option through which you can snooze the emails which you are not ready to give a reply. The snooze option will help you to mute the email for some time but you aren’t going to lose the emails. They remain in your inbox when you open it.

Just open the email you want to snooze, there is a clock option below the search bar. Click on the clock icon and then select the date and time. The email from the specific person will be snoozed for the time you selected.

You can select from the Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Weakened, or you can select a custom date and time.

Select your Tab:

Gmail allows a multiple tab option so that you can filter out your emails. This option will help you to filter out the less important emails. The emails relating to social media, or e-commerce, or promotional emails will automatically move to their required tab. So that you can have the most important emails on your inbox.

Just click on the gear icon on the top right corner and click on see all settings. Setting page will open, now select inbox on the top of the setting page. In the category option, you can select which tab will appear on the top of the inbox page.

You can also uncheck all the tabs if you only want a primary tab on the top and click on save changes on the bottom.

Send large attachments through Google Drive:

Google Drive has been integrated with Gmail. You can see the Google Drive icon on the bottom of the compose section of the email. With Google Drive, you can simply attach the files stored on the Drive or send the link to that file.

Google files such as docs, sheets, and slides can be sent through the file links. The other file formats such as PDF, Jpeg, Word docs, excel sheets, etc. can be sent through the attachment. If you have a file that is more than 25 MB then you can send it through the drive link. You have to save the file on the google drive, then on drive click on share the file then you will be given a link. You can share that link to send a file of more than 25 MB.

Gmail has a limit of file up to 25 MB so above 25 MB you won’t be able to send it as an attachment.

Advanced Search:

Gmail is Google’s product so it is no surprise that Google is behind the Gmail. So the Gmail search feature will be a powerful tool similar to Google’s search.

You have already used Gmail’s search bar on the top of your inbox to find some old emails or email ids. But it offers more than the search option.

Gmail search bar has a down arrow button on the right side of the search bar. Click on that arrow and you will be greeted by the advance search option of the Gmail.

The advance search option allows you to search with the filter options. You can search for emails from a specific email id. Search with the subject or a tag line. You can limit the file size while searching the file. You can also filter the dates of the email.

These are the Gmail Tips that will make you become an Email Pro and also protects you from distractions.

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