5 Online Games Inspired By Your Favorite TV Shows

Online games have evolved throughout the years, spanning many different genres and formats. Today there are directly playable versions of your favorite TV classics like Jeopardy and AMD’s The Walking Dead Adventure Game. In fact, many of the shows you grew up with or watch today have an online game based on them.

Whether you’re looking for a more exciting version of your favorite game show or an engaging take on your favorite fictional universes, here are five notable online games based on TV shows.

Rick and Morty MegaWays

If you enjoyed watching Rick and Morty’s dimension-hopping adventures, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a video slot inspired by it. Blueprint Gaming’s online title Rick and Morty MegaWays is one of the company’s latest successful launches, featuring visuals based on the TV show and most of the major characters including Rick, Morty, and Summer. Its extra features, like free spins and cascading wins, are all based on various episodes of the series.

Deal or No Deal Slingo

Do you remember the thrill of watching Tantowi Yahya host Deal or No Deal years ago? While our version of the show was short lived, it has survived on online. Only now you get to participate yourself. Deal or No Deal Slingo on Foxy Bingo is an official tie-in that combines bingo and slots in a very unique format. The game plays as it does on TV—you pick off numbered briefcases and pray the banker gives you a good offer. Except, the numbers are placed into a reel and you play slots to determine which boxes you open. The perfect way for fans to replicate picking a briefcase just as the contestants did on the TV show.

Guess It

Trivia games are fun to watch, but they’re even better to play. Family Feud is one of the world’s globally acclaimed trivia games. You may even remember Ananda Omesh hosting our local version: Family 100. MSN Games is hosting a digital version inspired by it called Guess It. Think of it as a speedy game of Family Feud, where users only need the top four answers for every category. It pits you against other players so you can enjoy the same competitive gameplay of the show.

Game of Thrones: Conquest

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a Game of Thrones fan who hasn’t heard of Conquest—its official mobile game. It doesn’t follow any of the series’ (nor the book’s) storyline. Instead, you get to be the lord of your own house and fight for the crown. Build an army, claim territories, gain political influence, and eventually dominate the map. However, the best part is seeing your avatar interact with key characters from the series, like Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, and the ever-famous Jon Snow.

Power Ranger All Stars

It doesn’t matter if your TV childhood was spent watching the stylish Mighty Morphin Rangers or the Protectors of Space, this online action RPG will let you befriend them all. Power Ranger All Stars allows you to lead your own, unique team of heroes to defeat evil monsters and save the mysterious Professor Q—a scientist trapped in a world that’s stuck at night. Its combat is a thrilling mix of real-time and turn-based; ranger attacks trigger in real time but using abilities will pause the game. There’s also a PvP option that lets you duke it out with other users.

Online games give TV shows an avenue to not only indulge their existing fans, but to reach out to new ones as well. There is a vast array of games out there and it’ll never stop growing.

If offline games are more your thing, we’ve gathered some of the best titles for Android that you can look into.

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