5G Smartphones

5G smartphones have become commercialized by the last quarter of 2019. Since then many OEMs started manufacturing 5G smartphones and making them available easily where the 5G services are available.

Chinese OEM started manufacturing affordable 5G smartphones that would cost around $300 for the base variant. With affordable pricing, many users around the globe will be able to get the 5G devices easily.

Research firm Strategy Analytics found out the Chinse OEMs sold $15 billion worth of 5G smartphones in Q1 of 2021. These OEMs include Oppo, Xiaomi, and Vivo. Surprisingly, these OEMs sell twice the amount of 5G devices as compared to the LTE devices in the period under discussion.

Strategic Analytics also claimed in the report that these Chinese vendors are moving away from 4G to 5G quickly. Almost all the flagships from the OEMs come with the built-in 5G modem and support. The sudden shift in 5G smartphones has reduced the market share of 4G and LTE devices by half in the first quarter of 2021.

According to the same research firm, the revenue made by the 5G devices will grow more than 500% on an annual basis. Apple tops the chart in terms of 5G shipments and revenue. The American firm also topped the chart in terms of 4G LTE revenue made by selling 4G devices.

The list of top 10 OEMs with global 5G revenue has seven Chinese OEMs. The top three Chinese vendors (Oppo, Xiaomi, and Vivo) came in the top global 10 manufacturers in terms of the revenue made by 5G devices. In fact, these OEMs are bringing the gap closer between 5G and 4G devices, also they are making affordable 5G devices for the masses.

Strategy Analytics found out that, as usual Samsung leads the global smartphone shipment (including 4G and 5G devices) in Q1 of 2021. Samsung shipped 77 million devices alone in the period under discussion and is the largest smartphone manufacturer globally. The South Korean company has a global market share of 23% which is almost a quarter of the smartphone market. The company achieved growth of 32% in the first quarter of 2021.

5G Smartphones
via: Strategy Analytics

Apple came in second place in terms of smartphone shipment in the same quarter. The company tops the smartphone shipment in Q4 of 2020 due to the iPhone 12 series release but in Q1 of 2021, it came in the second spot. It shipped 57 million smartphones in Q1 of 2021 with a global market share of 17%.

Xiaomi comes in the third spot with a growth of 80% in the same period. It shipped 49 million devices with a market share of 15%.

The last two spots in the top 5 were captured by Oppo and Vivo with 38 and 37 million smartphones shipped respectively. Both of these OEMs have a market share of 11%. Among the top five brands, Vivo achieves the highest growth (85%) on a YoY basis.

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