A security researcher found a new bug on the iPhone that will permanently disable WiFi with a certain network name. Occasionally security researcher find bugs and vulnerabilities on both iPhone and Android that can disturb the user experience.

Some of these bugs and vulnerabilities are clearly visible on the front end while some bugs require the user’s to jailbreak or root the device. There are some bugs on iOS that might spoil your iPhone experience. A similar type of bug found on iOS that will spoil your iPhone experience by disabling the WiFi over a certain network name.

iPhone bug permanently disable WiFi with a certain network name

With the bug users are not able to connect to the WiFi network. Security Researcher Carl Schou discovered that when he joined a WiFi network with the name “%p%s%s%s%s%n”, the WiFi permanently disabled on his iPhone. Additionally, he also changed the hotspot SSID but the issue remains constant. According to the bleeping computer, rebooting your iPhone also doesn’t change the effect of this bug.

Some users also face the same issue and according to them, the issue is caused by the “%” sign in the name of the WiFi network. This cause the iPhone to confuse the letters after the % sign as a string-format specifier.

In the C and C- Style language, the string format specifier has a different meaning. It can take the value as a command or a variable name.

If you found that this bug has disrupted your iPhone experience by disabling the WiFi, then there is a fix to this issue. But remember that this fix will reset your entire network settings to default.

To fix this issue go to settings > tap on General > tap on reset > then tap on reset network settings. With this, all our network settings will be restored to the default settings.

Android users haven’t experienced this bug as of now so they don’t need to change any network settings in the OS.
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