Venus Ransomware is Hitting Publicly Exposed RDP Connections

Within a week after the Indian unit breached, Acer confirmed yet another such incident against Taiwan’s office. The threat actor behind this was the same as the previous one – The Desordan group.

As per them, they made a second hit to prove that Acer’s cybersecurity infrastructure is weak, and also hinted about vulnerable systems in other offices. They also confirmed stealing data but didn’t explain why as they haven’t asked for any ransom yet.

Acer Confirmed Second Cyberattack

Acer's Taiwan Office Hit by a Cyberattack, Data Stolen

Acer is having a pretty bad time this year. After being hit by REvil ransomware earlier this year, the company is now facing a series of cyberattacks against its infrastructure. Last week, Acer confirmed a data breach in its Indian wing, losing over 60GB worth of sensitive data.

And now, the company’s Taiwan office was hit by a cyberattack. What’s surprising is the threat actor behind both these incidents are the same – Desordan Group. The hacking group contacted ZDNet and explained the breach as “Acer is way behind in its cybersecurity effects on protecting its data and is a global network of vulnerable servers.

An Acer spokesperson confirmed the attack and said they reacted immediately with security protocols and conducted a full scan of their systems. While they’re notifying the impacted customers in India, they have shut down the breached servers in the Taiwan office.

The Indian incident cost Acer to lose about 60GB of employees and other sensitive data, while the company said there’s no data stored in affected servers in the Taiwan office. But, the Desordan group claimed to have stolen “data pertaining to their (Acer’s) employee details.”

Also, they said, “other of its (Acer) global networks including Malaysia and Indonesia servers are vulnerable too.” They haven’t detailed what other data they took, and a goal why they’re breaching Acer’s infrastructure in multiple instances.

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