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Windows 8 version requires activation once installed. Windows 8 has a range of activation keys. If Windows was pre-installed during the time of purchase the product key is provided at the back of the laptop, computer or desktop.

Windows 8 has to match the product key for activation to be successful. All versions of Windows are in the form of a CD/DVD or a soft copy from the seller of the windows. Versions of Windows are compatible with any computer.

The product keys are designed to provide activation to more than 11 devices.

One can contact Microsoft to access the product keys by providing details of the Windows. To activate Windows 8 you need to follow the following steps to easily activate Windows 8:


activate Windows 8

STEP 1: Open the properties option.

These can be accessed by searching the PC options.

STEP 2: Search for windows activation.

Click the activate now option which will direct to a window.

STEP 3: Enter the product key.

The 25 digit code is the product key.

STEP 4Verify the activation.

To verify the activation you will be required to click on the “activate now” button that appears on the screen.

STEP 5Restart the computer.

This method is appropriate when the product key is available. There are many product keys available for activation.

Windows require an internal space of 20 GB, 1GHz Processor, and 2GB RAM to install and function in the best way.


It’s important to activate the Windows with the relevant serial number. For Windows 8 pro the digital license is used to activate the Windows. Once one downloads Windows and activate it the serial number will update automatically. Activating Windows 8 without the product keys is possible. All that is needed is an active Windows 8:


The most preferred activator is provided by KASPERSKY one can download the activator from their official website. There are many ingenuine activators on the internet that can threaten your computer so be careful.

STEP 1: The activator once downloaded requires it to be compatible with the Windows version being used.

STEP 2: Select the installation directory option that will appear after the launch. The menu will provide several guidelines, scroll to the bottom.

STEP 3: Select the activation file option at the bottom.

STEP 4: A button will appear saying enter, click on the option. Windows will load the information and automatically activate the widows.

Once activated close the software and restart the computer.

The activation is fast making the process effective to the user without the product key.


There are many batch numbers available on the internet. One can purchase the batch file from a trusted website such as Microsoft. Batch files can be used when the product keys are not available.

The windows activation batch number can be developed or created by the user by coding the command prompt with the relevant codes. Many batch files can be used to activate Windows.

It is necessary to access the batch file from a legitimate site. To activate one needs to:

STEP 1: Install a software copy of the Windows 8 batch file.

STEP 2: Copy the information from the batch file in the text to command prompt.

STEP 3: Click enter and the option to run it as the administrator appears.

STEP 4: Confirm it to allow it to make changes to Windows.

The process will automatically activate Windows. When the batch file is corrupted the activation will not be successful.

This method is not recommendable when the batch file is not genuine.


Windows OS requires activation to function. When Windows has not activated the notification to activate keeps appearing. These reduce the productivity of the computer. It is advisable to purchase the relevant product keys from an authorized dealer. 

Product keys are mainly found in the product kit containing the Windows package. Windows has several versions for instance Windows 10 has different activation keys from Windows 8.


When Windows has not been activated the productivity of the computer is decreased. It is critical to ensure that Windows 8 is activated to allow for the most functioning capacity of the computer.

I hope you were able to activate Windows 8 with the help of this article.

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