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Snapchat is a famous social media platform with a huge audience base, especially among the young generation. This social media platform provides it’s users with different camera filters and an interesting chat system where you can easily add your friends and send them snaps. Like Facebook or Instagram, this platform also allows users to search for their friends using their usernames. You can add your friends on your Snapchat either by suggestions or by manually searching for the username of your friends in the search option. Your friends should accept you to become friends on the social media platform and exchange the snaps.

Another interesting thing about Snapchat is it’s unique way of showing notifications to it’s users. There is a particular notification that sometimes makes people confused: “Added you From Search On Snapchat”. Most Snapchat users don’t know what this notification means. It simply means that someone has added you by searching for your username on the search bar of Snapchat. It means that someone has manually searched for your username to find you.

Though this notification always says the same, that may not be the case. It does not happen every time as Snapchat also sends this notification to users if someone has added another from a friend’s suggestion. This window will suggest to you the Snapchat user who might be related to your friends.

So, it is not probably possible to know whether they have searched your username individually on the search bar of Snapchat or they have added you from the friend suggestion area. You don’t have to worry as you will always know the name of the person who has added you. If you accept the person as your friend on Snapchat, you can become friends on the social media platform and exchange snaps with each other.

What does Snapchat added by search notification mean and how can you disable it?

Snapchat users would agree on a point that Snapchat throws out a lot of notifications, even if someone is typing something to you, you will be notified even before receiving the message. Not every notification you get on Snapchat is important, and when we talk about “Added you from Search on Snapchat“, this is also not a notification you should be concerned about. If you find this notification irritating and want to disable it, fortunately, you have the option to do that. Here we have mentioned the points below that you can apply to disable this notification on your Snapchat:-

  • First, launch the Snapchat application and login into your account.
  • Now, click on the gear icon and open the Snapchat settings.
  • After that, you will need to scroll down and tap on the open notification menu.
  • Next, on the notification page, click on the receive notification from option and choose the ‘select friends’ option.

Select your friends, and you are good to go. Now, you are going to receive notifications from your friends only, and if you are willing to get the notifications from everyone, you can just simply select the ‘select everyone’ option.

Please remember that it will not deactivate the “Added you from Search on Snapchat” notification. Rather it will ensure that you will only receive notifications from the people you want to.

In simple words, the notification “Added you from Search on Snapchat,” means either someone has added you through searching your username on the Snapchat search bar or the person has added you from a Snapchat friend’s suggestion. We hope that your confusion about Snapchat added by search notification has cleared.

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