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Battlefield is one of the most famous computer game series for gamers who love to play adventures and action games. It is a first-person shooter series that was developed by EA Dice, a Swedish developer. It is an action genre game that completely supports the name and offers gamers larger PVP battles and campaigns. This game is famous for it’s amazing graphics and adventurous multiplayer shooter experience. It has huge maps for several players and some classic vehicles to drive in the game.

It is a game that can compete with the famous first person shooter game Call of Duty. It does justice to the game’s name; until now, there are a number of battlefield titles that Electronic Arts released. Here we will discuss all the battlefield games along with their expansions, such as campaign content and other multiplayer content as well. Let’s dig in.

The Battlefield Series

The game is mainly focused on large and adventurous multiplayer battles. To win the battles, you may need to be part of a fighting squad and require communication, battle strategies, understanding, and teamwork. This game comes with several major elements, such as different types of vehicles that include jets, choppers, airplanes, trucks, cars, etc. From the second entry of the game, the game series introduced online statistics for every player so that a player can increase rankings to upgrade the weapons, and weapon models and get awards.

This game also includes a class system in most of the titles where each class comes with different load-outs, such as a choice of weapons and gadgets. Last but not least, in the 2008 title, this series introduced frostbite engines that offered destructible/dynamic environments, which is one of the unique features of this game.

It can be said that Battlefield is a game that mainly focuses on the best-in-class graphics and multiplayer experience for PC gamers.

Let’s know about the battlefield games in order of release date

Battlefield 1942 – 2002

It was the first title of the game that developers released in the year 2002, and it premiered on Windows and Mac operating systems. It had a multiplayer-only game module. Along with the updates, the single-player mode was also introduced in this game, where players can enjoy all those amazing features offline.

This was the first game that introduced the conquest game mode in computer gaming. This game mode is all about capturing the control points and spreading them across the map. Completing the matches delivered death matches and captured the flag game mode.

When talking about the game elements, there are 5 classes in the game that are scout, assault, anti-tank, medic, and engineer. As a player, you can choose to fly a WWII aircraft or choose any other kind of vehicle such as bombards, capital ships, submarines, aircraft carriers, tanks, jeeps, etc. You can also efficiently control the aircraft guns, mission guns, and artillery.

In the game, players must complete the battles on maps across the WWII historical sites, including eastern, North African, European, and Pacific regions. The game offers two factions to players that are Axis powers and allies. The Army depends on the map. If you are in a battle between Japan and USA, your battleground will be Pacific wake Island

Battlefield 1942 DLCs

The title comes with two extensions

  • The first one is Road to Rome which debuted in 2003 and added 6 new maps to the game.
  • The second one is the Secret weapons of WWII which debuted in 2003 and added new game modes and upgraded weapons to the game.

Battlefield Vietnam – 2004

It is the second title of the game series that is quite similar to the first one. It debuted for Windows PC in 2004. Within a few months, the developers released the title all over again with some new maps, vehicles, and an official WWII mode. Developers gave it a new name which is Battlefield Vietnam: Redux.

This game focused on the Vietnam war, and the maps include the battle of Hue, Operation Flaming Dart, Ho Chi Minh Trail, and Khe Sanh.

Among the few changes of this game, one was that now the vehicle passengers can also fire from the sides. There is also a 2014 edition of Battlefield Vietnam that was premiered as a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the title.

Battlefield 2 – 2005

In this title, developers tried to make the game more realistic. This title debuted in 2005 for Windows PC and came up with modern settings, strategies, and realistic shooter elements. It also adds hefty single-player modes to the game.

In this game, players are part of the clash between China-US. Marines and the fictional middle eastern coalition. In this game, players are also introduced to a multiplayer aspect where players have to play as a team under a single commander that promotes communication, strategies, and teamwork.

There are 7 classes to choose from – assault, medic, anti-tank, engineer, support, special forces, and sniper. The goal of a player is to reduce the opposition’s tickets for respawning allies. The multiplayer mode allows you to play with 64 players on a map and 8 players on a local LAN.

Battlefield 2 DLCs

There are three DLCs available for Modern Combat:

  • Special Forces debuted in 2005 and added playable factions, new maps, vehicle choices, and different types of gears ( such as vision goggles, zip lines, tear gas, etc.) to the game.
  • Euro Force was released in 2006 and added the European Union army as a faction.
  • Armored Fury was another booster pack that was also released in 2006, and it added more maps, vehicles, and classes to the game.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat – 2006

This game is not available on PC, and it was released in 2006 as a standalone expansion of battlefield 2. It premiered on PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360. The title introduces a new single-player campaign, and the plot revolves around the war between China and NATO in Kazakhstan.

The multiplayer mode of this game supports 24 players on each console. Capture the flag and conquest are two game modes of this title.

Battlefield 2142 – 2006

This battlefield series did not have any commercial success. It was released in 2006 for Windows and macOS X computers. It introduced a new fictional plot: the cold war of the 22nd century, where two fictional powers get into a battle during the new ice Age.

It introduced a new science fiction setting to the game, leading to fast and fictional weapons in combat. The multiplayer mode allows 54 players on the server or 16 players in a single-player against AI boats. The game system is able to track a player’s performance, and the rank system rewards players with weapons and aesthetics.

Battlefield 2142 DLCs

Northern Strike is the only DLC of this title that was launched in 2007 and is available for 2142. This post-launch title adds Central Europe maps to the game.

Battlefield: Bad Company – 2008

It was the most successful title of the game series that was released in 2008 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This game introduced a fully-fledged storyline along with some stand-out characters.

The plot revolves around private Preston Marlowe trying to steal the gold for mercenaries with his team. On the other hand, the group of soldiers, B-company, are stuck in the United States and Russia war.

This storyline introduced co-op multiplayer campaign mode along with the Gold rush. Later, a conquest for a full-on multiplayer PVP battle was released. It was the first time the game introduced destructive environments such as walls and houses.

Battlefield: Heroes – 2009

It is a defunct game that debuted in 2009 for Windows PC. It introduced the free-to-play game mode in the series that comes with microtransactions and play-to-win features. It is also the first third-person shooter game in the series. In this game, a system matches players of similar levels together. This game is not available in the official stores now.

Battlefield 1943 – 2009

It is considered one of the best multiplayer modes in the game series, which debuted in 2009 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is a multiplayer-only title that comes with four new maps and some new features. It adds new mechanics to a new mode called air superiority. The primary gameplay is quite similar to bad company, and the game runs on the frostbite engine as well. It introduces the conquest Mode, more new weapons, classes, and vehicles.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – 2010

This is one of the most successful games of the series, which is actually a sequel of the bad company and was released in the year 2010 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC.

The storyline is a continuation of bad company and follows the bad company amidst WWII. In this game, the squad is searching for some special operatives that are trapped behind the enemy lines.

The game comes with an interesting single-player campaign that focuses on neat character focus. Once again, the protagonist of this game is Preston Marlowe. The multiplayer mode of this game comes with different game modes, maps, and vehicles.

Bad Company 2 DLCs

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam is the one and only expansion pack for this title that debuted in 2010 for windows Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It added new maps and weapons along with licensed music from the Vietnam War Era to the game.

Battlefield Online – 2010

This title debuted in 2010 for Windows, which is nothing but a multiplayer-only battlefield 2 remakes. It was a free-to-play edition, but as it showed up with some technical issues and performance glitches, it was shut down in 2013.

Battlefield Play4Free – 2011

This free-to-play multiplayer FPS is another defunct battlefield title that continues the heroes’ entry. This game combines the micro transactions and play-to-win modes with the free download offer. This game first introduced battle funds, a battlefield currency that needs real money or in-game performance points. The weapons and maps of this game were quite similar to bad company 2 and battlefield 2. EA shut down this game back in 2015, and it is no longer available in the official stores.

Battlefield 3 – 2011

This title was released in 2011 and came with 5 DLCs. It was released in 2011 for PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC. It introduced some new game features such as more vehicles, bigger maps, more scales, etc. In the multiplayer PC campaign, this game supported 64 players, and on consoles, it supported 24 players.

It also comes with a single-player mode where the player can play alongside bots.

The plot of the game revolves around a fictional war between the United States and Russia in 2014, and the story happens across Iraq and Iran.

This game first introduced frostbite 2.0, ending with improved performance, visuals and destruction that made this game more realistic and attractive.

Battlefield 3 DLCs

There are 5 DLC packs for Battlefield 3:

  • Back to Karkand is the first DLC of this title which was released in 2011 and added new maps, new vehicles, and weapons to the game.
  • Close Quarters was released in 2012 and added infantry-oriented games, new weapons, assignment, domination game mode, and better textures to the game.
  • Armored Kill is the third DLC of the title that was released in 2012 and added new vehicles, mobile artillery, and a large map to the game.
  • Aftermath premiered in 2012 and added a crossbow on top of weapon mods.
  • End Game is the fifth DLC of the game that debuted in 2013 and added four new maps and a four-wheeler bike to the game.

Battlefield 4 – 2013

It is the continuation of the storyline from Battlefield 3 and premiered in 2013 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

This game introduced the Frostbite 3 engine for better destruction and also, it introduced some ways to change the physical properties of the maps. For example, if a player topples the skyscraper and kicks dust, it may cover the whole map with smoke.

This is a comparatively short and simple single-player campaign that follows the main storyline. After 6 years of battlefield 3, the pilot still continues the war between the United States and Russia.

Battlefield 4 DLCs

This title comes with 9 DLC, which are still available in the premium edition.

  • China Rising what’s the first DLC that was released in 2013 and added four new maps across China to the game. It also added new vehicles, the air superiority mode, and new assignments to the game.
  • Second Assault was a follow-up DLC that came out in 2013 with battlefield 3 maps and captured the flag game mode.
  • Naval Strike debuted in 2013 and added four new Island-centric maps and the carrier assault game mode to the game.
  • Dragon’s Teeth debuted in 2013 and added a new game mode (Chain Link), new maps, and 11 new assignments to the game
  • Final Stand was released in 2013 and added new maps, vehicles, and hovercraft tanks to the game.
  • Weapons Crate was the booster pack that was released in 2015 and added a new game mode, weapons, and balance changes to the game.
  • Night Operations was the next DLC that added night-time versions of several gaming maps.
  • Community Operations was released in 2015 and added a new forest-centric map and some balance changes to the game. It also created the site along with the game’s community.
  • Legacy Operations debuted in 2015 as a free pack that updated the dragon valley map.

Battlefield Hardline – 2015

It premiered in 2015 for Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

This game changed the military approach of the main title game and added a police vs. robber experience. This gameplay added a new gaming approach which was Unites vs. criminals.

The main motto of this game is arresting the robbers. According to the plot, the story happens in Miami, where detective Nick Mendoza follows a drug supply chain and gets involved in a drug war.

The multiplayer added a new game mode to the game where players can join any of the sides. These game modes include Heist, Blood Money, Hotwire, Rescue, and Crosshair.

Battlefield Hardline DLCs

This title comes with 5 DLCs.

  • Criminal Activity added four urban maps to the game, and among them, two had night versions. It also introduced the Bounty Hunter game mode and a new operator (Enforcer).
  • Robbery added large-scale heist maps, new game modes, 3 new operators, and new weapons to the game.
  • Blackout was a free expansion that added night-time versions of several maps, new weapons, and gadgets to the game
  • Getaway added new large-scale maps, a new game mode, weapons, and vehicles to the game.
  • Betrayal was the last DLC of the series that added 13 new weapons, the Grand Bazaar map, and the Alcatraz map to the game.

Battlefield 1 – 2016

This game debuted in 2016 on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This title again takes the game to WWII mode and offers both single-player and multiplayer modes.

This is a very popular game in the franchise that combines a lot of content. It comes with a hefty single-player campaign in the WWI settings. It also offers various multiplayer game modes with machines and weapons that WWI also inspires.

This game also introduced horses to the game franchise. Horse riding combats added a new spice to the game. This game also has excellent graphics and visions that make it one of the best battlefield games.

Battlefield 1 DLCs

4 expansions are available for this game

  • They Shall not Pass was the first DLC that debuted in 2016 and brought a new playable faction, named the French army, to the game along with new weapons, maps, and vehicles.
  • In the Name of the Tsar was premiered in 2017 and added a scout class to the Russian Empire in the game along with 4 new maps and infantry weapons.
  • Turning the Tides was the third DLC of the game that added 2 naval-centric maps, a new class, infantry weapons,and a new game mode.
  • Apocalypse was released in 2018 and added three maps to the game, along with new weapons and gadgets.

Battlefield V – 2019

This game was reviewed in 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows. It comes with WWII settings and offers a thematic continuation of battlefield 1.

This title of the battlefield franchise has many similarities with the previous games, such as similar single-player campaigns. But, the graphics, multiplayer modes, and classes are quite different. It also has a co-op campaign allowing four players across WWII missions.

This game allows the players to modify their vehicles and weapons. Modifications can be earned with ranks. This game also introduces several cosmetic items along with the currencies to purchase those cosmetics.

Focused on party-centric playstyles, the game offers several scarce resources to the players.

Battlefield V DLCs

This title comes with 6 DLC expansions. All the expansions are like chapters that add new gaming elegance to the game

  • Overture is the first chapter that revolves around a war between Germany and the United Kingdom.
  • Lighting Strikes is the second chapter that adds vehicle play and time limits on several game modes.
  • Trial by Fire this chapter introduced outpost and fire storm game modes along with the battle of Greece.
  • Defying the Odds is the fourth DLC that added new maps and various game modes.
  • Battlefest just added new weapons and skins.
  • War in the Pacific is the fifth chapter that introduced the Pacific theatre and added the Japan and United States situation to the game.
  • Into the Jungle added new Asian-forest maps to the game.

Battlefield 2042 – 2021

It is the latest battlefield entry that was released in October 2021 on Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox series.

This title promised to come up with larger battles that revolve around futuristic settings. It also introduced real-time dynamic weather and several destructible environments. The multiplayer mode supports 128 players for maps on the computer and newer consoles and 24 players on old generation consoles.

This title unlocked a special game mode that allows players to go to the old maps and modes and add new personal tweaks. Hazard zone is the new edition in the game that was introduced with this title which focuses on Battle-Royale squad-based combat.

Though this game was promised to offer all the things mentioned above, according to the fans, it eliminated some key battlefield elements such as scoreboards, clans, voice-chat, regular chats etc. This game is also reported to have performance issues, few customizations, and severe crashes.

All Battlefield Games in Chronological Order

  • Battlefield 1942 – 2002
  • Battlefield Vietnam – 2004
  • Battlefield 2 – 2005
  • Battlefield 2: Modern Combat – 2006
  • Battlefield 2142 – 2006
  • Battlefield: Bad Company – 2008
  • Battlefield: Heroes – 2009
  • Battlefield 1943 – 2009
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – 2010
  • Battlefield Online – 2010
  • Battlefield Play4Free – 2011
  • Battlefield 3 – 2011
  • Battlefield 4 – 2013
  • Battlefield Hardline – 2015
  • Battlefield 1 – 2016
  • Battlefield V – 2019
  • Battlefield 2042 – 2021

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