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If you are a die-hard apocalyptic survival game lover, you must have heard or had late metro games. Set in a post-apocalyptic era, the game is based on the book series written by Dmitry Glukhovsky of the same name. It’s one of those gory survival games with some amazing storylines.

The story revolves around the main character, Artyom, who runs through the Moscow metro system in search of the last surviving humans. The game deals with various storylines along with missions and scary underground monsters who are trying to kill the hero. The game is relatively new since it debuted in 2010 with the first installment of the series, Metro 2033. Since then, it has become one of the most popular survival games out there.

If you are new to survival games and want to play the metro series but don’t know where to start, this article is just the right one for you. This article breaks down all the metro game series that came out chronologically according to the release date.

Metro game series in chronological order:

  • Metro 2033 (2010)
  • Metro: Last Light (2013)
  • Metro: Redux (2014)
  • Metro Exodus (2019)
  1. Metro 2033:

 Release date: March 16, 2010

Developer: 4A Games (Ukraine)

Publisher: THQ (former) / Deep Silver

Platforms: Xbox 360, Windows (original); PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Linux, OS X (remaster)

Reception: Good

Metro 2033 (2010)


Metro 2033 is the first installment of the trilogy game series. The game was released back in 2010 and is based on Russian author Glukhovsky’s best-selling novel of the same name. It’s a first-person shooter survival horror game developed by 4A Games and published by THQ. The theme of the game is based in a post-apocalyptic Moscow City, within the underground metro. Artyom, the main protagonist of the game, lives in a world that is no longer feasible for human habitats. The radiation from the nuclear war has created mutants (monsters) underneath the city ground, and every day Artyom has to fight for his survival.

The game doesn’t take much time to build up the world and the characters. It goes straight to the point and introduces you to a post-apocalyptic world and the dark ones, mysterious mutant breeds born from nuclear radiation. They have incredible psychic abilities and have become a threat to humanity.

The story begins when Hunter, Artyom’s friend, and role model, goes missing, and it’s now on Artyom’s shoulders to destroy these mutant breeds and save humanity. The game offers two different endings based on players’ decisions throughout the game, whether it’s a good ending or a bad one.

The first game features some cool gameplay that reminds you of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Players can experience some cool combo actions, stealth, survival, and stunning visuals, making this game one of the best survival games. However, you will find fewer RPG elements here, unlike in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

You can use some expansive arsenal, including a revolver, an automatic weapon, and a special slot reserved for shotguns and noiseless pneumatic weapons. These are all customizable firearms, so you can, in-game purchase the skins of these firearms. You can also use combat moves like throwing knives and explosives.

If we talk about the survival elements, players must be careful of two things: ammo and gas mask filters. Both things are hard to find and absolutely necessary to survive in this world.

The game was first launched for Windows and the Xbox 360. Later, Metro 2033 Redux, which was released in 2014, was introduced to other platforms as well, including the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, OS X, Linux, and Windows.

  1. Metro: Last Light

 Release date: May 14, 2013

Developer: 4A Games

Publisher: THQ (former) / Deep Silver

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, Linux, OS X (original); PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows (remaster)

Reception: Better

Metro- Last Light (2013)


Metro: Last Light is the second installment of this trilogy survival Metro game series. The game developers, 4A Games, first decided that the name of the game would be “Metro 2034”. However, the original book author, Glukhovsky didn’t want the name since the name didn’t match his new book of the same title. His next novel was inspired by Metro: Last Light.

Last light is the continuation of the first game that takes place many years after the events of the first game. The game was released in 2013 and soon became a hit among fans and other survival game lovers. The game introduced us to the bad ending of the first game, where the new goal is to kill the last Dark Ones who have occupied the toxic earth’s surface. The game is again set in the post-apocalyptic Moscow city.

As Artyom now goes to the surface and uncovers conspiracies and rivalries between the tunnel factions. The game introduces us to a more realistic in-game experience and different quests and weapons. Unlike the first game, Artyom’s combat moves have become like expert military personnel. He’s faster and can resist more damage; his weapon reloading time has also been reduced.

The second game focuses more on the action and less on stealth and resource collection. Since the gameplay revolves more on the earth’s surface, players need to have a gas mask to survive. Plus, you need to change the filters every 30 minutes, or so or else you die. Other than that, the gameplay of the last light is quite similar to the first game, with more action and few changes in weapon customization, sights, silencer, magazine size, etc.

First released in 2013 and then again it was released in 2014 as Metro: Last Light Redux. The second version supports platforms such as the PS4 and the Xbox One, as well as PC.

The game also includes a “Chronicles Pack” DLC, containing three original missions to provide more insight into the metro universe. The second game soon became a commercial hit, surpassing the lifetime retail sales of Metro 2033 within the first week of it’s release.

3. Metro: Redux

 Developer: 4A Games

Publisher: Deep Silver

Release Date: March 2014

Platform: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows, MacOS, Linux, SteamOS

Reception: Positively good

Metro- Redux (2014)


Launched in 2014, Metro Redux is not the third installment of the game, but rather a remaster of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. The game developer released two versions of the Redux: Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux. You can buy both Metro Redux on Steam separately. Since it’s not the third installment of the metro game series, the players get to relive the events of the previous two games. The only significant difference is stunning visuals and massive improvements in combat and AI and game mode. So that means new zones, new secrets, weapon customizations, and two new game modes: “Spartan,” a combat-based mode, and “Survival,” a horror-based mode.

Another significant change players can notice in Redux is graphics quality. You can experience the game in full HUD display. So it’s more realistic and scary. The visuals of the game impressed not only the players but also the critics of the game. The remake did justice to the previous Metro games. Currently, you can play Metro: Redux in 4K-res on Xbox One X and PC, or 1080p-res for PS4, Xbox One, StreamOS, and PC. The frame rate also improved from 24/30 fps to 60fps.

4. Metro: Exodus

 Developer: 4A Games

Publisher: Deep Silver

Release Date: 2019

Platform: Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Windows, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna

Reception: Outstanding

Metro game series


The third and the newest installment of the metro game series is the Metro: Exodus. The storyline of the third installment takes place after the events of 2010’s Metro 2033 and 2013’s Metro: Last Light. The game was announced back at Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference on June 11, 2017, and was supposed to be released in 2018. However, the release date got postponed to 2019, and the wait was worthwhile. The game not only introduces us to the vast Metro universe but also offers an incredible in-game experience.

The story again revolves around the game’s protagonist, Artyom who’s among the last human survivors of the post-apocalyptic world in Moscow City. Artyom knows that the entire world didn’t got destroyed in the nuclear war. There are still many human survivors worldwide and some habitable land for them to live in peace.

The third Metro game follows Artyom and his small group of Spartan comrades escaping the metro city and setting their course for the countryside across Russia. The installment so far is the best Metro game offering some amazing storylines, characters, missions, and especially soundtracks. The game deals more with realistic in-game experiences and offers many significant changes from the past two games.

It offers some new features like crafting and repair systems. Players now can craft different ammo, weapon mods, filters, and other supplies and add them to their inventory. They can also craft different resource materials like different chemicals, weapon parts, health packs, filters, grenades, etc. The game also adds a binocular for exploring new maps. Since the game itself does not show what is out there. You have to see and explore it yourself, which gives a whole new experience. It also introduces us to newer and more unpredictable enemies. So you should be aware of your surroundings at all times. The game’s AI-based events are more intense than you may think.

Metro: Exodus got nominated for over ten awards soon after it’s release, including Best Storytelling and Game of the Year. The game received an overwhelming response across the globe for it’s open world, graphics, story, and realistic gameplay. It sold over 200,000 copies in the Steam store in it’s first week. You can currently play the game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Windows, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

Will there be a 4th installment of the metro game?

Well, there have been many rumors and speculations about the new metro game ever since the release of Metro: Exodus. However, 4A Games have finally confirmed that they are already working on the upcoming new Metro 4 game. The game will reveal more insight into the Metro-verse and probably will include a multiplayer mode, to allow you and your team play together. The game will have more tough missions and some cool new characters and weapons. So there, we don’t know the title or the release date of the new game. We will update you once further information is available.

Summing up:

There are so many post-apocalyptic survival games out there, but none can give you the real horror and gory experience like The Metro games. The Metro game series follows a linear storyline, which means you can have the best in-game Storytelling experience once you have played the game in chronological order. However, if you’re not into the story much and want to have fun with stunning visuals and gameplay, then you can probably skip the first two Metro games and play the 3rd installment instead, although we recommend that you follow the list in order.

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