Paramount Plus Error Codes

In the era of OTT Platforms heavily influencing the entertainment industry, there is a rank-based competition between the top players, including Amazon prime, Netflix, Disney+, Vudu, Hulu, and more. A new one to join this race is Paramount Plus which aims to take you down the memory lane of Cable TV, free of cost, to over millions and millions of users. Thanks to it’s collocation with CBS All Access Network, most of the top-level live Channels will now be available on Paramount Plus, alongside a good collection of TV shows and movies.

Like all other streaming platforms, Paramount Plus is now available for several host devices like Android, Web, Apple TV, iOS, Web, Fire Tv, PlayStation, and Xbox. If you happen to use Paramount Plus more often but have been encountering issues that have disrupted your streaming experience, you are at the right place now! Continue scrolling down to learn about the prominent Paramount Plus error codes and see how you can go ahead fixing them.

How to Fix Paramount Plus Error Codes

Error codes are the best things that help you to find out exactly what is wrong with your device or service, and Paramount Plus has quite a good list of error codes that you may come across in case of any undesirable streaming event. Below are some of the Paramount Plus error codes that you are likely to encounter, followed by their appropriate fixes.

  1. Codes 4201 and 1200

  • Disable the ad blocker plugins you have installed on the web browser or phone.
  • Ensure that your firewall is not blocking your access to the Paramount plus network.
  • It is also vital to ensure that the antivirus software available on your laptop or PC can identify that the Paramount Plus website or app is not a threat.
  1. Codes 1106,6990, 3002, 3005, 6290 and 6310

Go ahead with your attempts to force close the Paramount Plus website or app or reboot the device and then launch the app once again.

  1. Code 7

    For this code to appear, you need to update the Chrome browser to the latest version on your PC or laptop and then relaunch it.

  2. Code 14

    It is important to make sure that your Windows version is updated and then restart the computer.

  3. Code 111

    This usually occurs due to sudden power failure when using the app. Go ahead and reboot the computer properly. Then make attempts to relaunch the app once again.

  4. Code 404

    When you happen to see this, go ahead refreshing the webpage or simply make attempts to relaunch the browser.

  5. Code 3004

    Turn off and restart the webpage, or you can also relaunch the browser.

  6. Code 3200

    This is caused by a playback error coming up on the smart TVs, Comcast devices, or Consoles. Go ahead with hard restarting the device by just unplugging it for at least 30 seconds and then turning it on.

  7. Code 3205

    Try to restart the WiFi router and computer.

  8. Code 3301

    Restart the computer and your browser.

  9. Code 6320

    Force close the Paramount Plus app on the Android TV or Fire TV device you are using, and clear all cache and app data.

Fixes to error codes disrupting Paramount Plus website or app

There are chances whereby you might experience an issue with the Paramount Plus website or app without any error code. Do not panic because there is a fix for each and everything. Issues could be with the app or the device you are trying to stream from. Here are some common fixes to get rid of the Paramount Plus error codes. Keep following them in chronological order until you find the one saving you from this mess.

  1. Check your account details thoroughly

There is a possibility that there is some issue with your account, which is why you repeatedly encounter error codes when trying to use the Paramount Plus app on your preferred device. May be the subscription itself has ended, or the payment method has somehow been blocked. It is recommended to log in to your Paramount Plus account and find out what is wrong there.

  1. Look out for Software updates

Open the Settings app on your device that you are using to access Paramount Plus to check if any software updates are available. Most apps on smart TVs and phones usually need you to update to the latest OS version to let you use the same. If there are any software updates available, then it is recommended to upgrade the device using good internet connectivity.

  1. Update Paramount Plus App

Another fix for problems occurring without an error code could be a pending update notification on your Paramount Plus App. Check if any updates are available for the Paramount Plus app on the device you are using. Chances are that the bug is occurring from a bad update you did previously. In this case,  you can go ahead with the available hotfix.

  1. Hard Reset the device

If you always have your Android TV box or console connected and turned on, rebooting could be a fix to get rid of bugs with Paramount Plus app installed on the device. For hard resetting any device, simply turn it off and leave it unplugged for at least 30 seconds. Then plug it back and try to turn it on again.

  1. Troubleshoot the WiFi connection

Ensure that your device is connected to secure WiFi. If it is not connected, re-add the wifi network under settings. If you have an ethernet connection available on the device, make sure it is properly connected. If nothing works, you can try to reboot the WiFi router itself to check if that can fix any connection issues you are facing.

  1. Factory Reset the device

If nothing can fix this annoying and constantly popping up Paramount Plus issue, it is recommended to go ahead with factory resetting the device. You can do this by visiting the Settings App of the device but remember that this process is going to delete all sorts of data that are stored on your device, even downloaded games, apps, and files.

Wrapping Up

Hope all these fixes mentioned above on how to get rid of the error codes appearing on the Paramount Plus app will come to your rescue. Enjoy watching your favorite show without any glitches.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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