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Meet Spyro, the mischievous and adorable purple-skinned little Dragon on a massive adventure. Spyro games are a series of video games platform featuring the key pro Spyro. After the introduction of the series in 1998 with a PlayStation game named Spyro the Dragon, a reboot trilogy and numerous series were released after that. Created by Insomniac Games, the franchise has changed various developers and hands various times. Finally, in 2008, Activison acquired the rights to intellectual property. So far, we have viewed 14 Spyro entries, including one collection, three spin-offs, one reboot, and nine core games. Though sadly often, the Spyro games are unknown or forgotten. Still, many of us appreciate Spyro being among the best iconic platforming games in the video game series. This article includes all Spyro games in order of their release date. We have included the latest releases too.

All Spyro games in order of release date:

  1. Spyro the Dragon- 1998

Basically, Spyro is on a go-anywhere, gigantic 3D fantasy adventure. The foremost entry follows Sparx and Spyro. A dragonfly Sparx guides players when things are tough. They travel via the Dragon Realms to defeat Gnasty Gnorc. All the dragons are turned into crystals by the enemies, and the mission was that Spyro has to have his friends on 3D levels.

1. Spyro the Dragon- 1998

You can feel each bump when Spyro headbutts all his enemies. This game consisted of an open-ended design. Moreover, it was full of key items, mazes, and collectibles. To move forward- gliding, a frontal change, and breath, Spyro required his abilities. In inventory, you could keep track of all your inventories. Using portals, a player could travel on various levels and out of the world.

  1. Ripto’s Rage-1999

Remarkably, this game is one of the foremost titles of PlayStation that has changed particulars between the rendered objects. Technically, there is a comeback of Spyro with similar gameplay but with an innovative design. The same lovable Dragon Spyro has more complex and larger challenges. Help him headbutt his way and fly through unbelievable innovative 3D fantasy worlds having bonus levels and more puzzle elements.

2. Ripto’s Rage-1999

The sequel of this kid-friendly game has many new mini-games and new moves- fly, swim and jump. The title consists of three key hub worlds, each having portals to various realms. The mission is that Spyro needs to receive the talisman on each domain for the game to end. Also, for other NPCs, he can finish secondary quests.

  1. Year of the Dragon-2000

The title follows that Spyro is on a quest to recover 150 magical eggs in 30 levels. The Player must jump off the rabbit hole to recover all the stolen eggs from the Dragon World by the evil witch/ sorceress and Rhynocs, her henchmen. The scavenger-hunt, the goofy sounds, and the cartoonish look gameplay is familiar to players who have already adventured with Spyro. A new addition to the series is that players can play as the space monkey named agent 9, the Yeti named Bentley, the Flying penguin named Sergeant Byrd, and the Kangaroo named Sheila.

3. Year of the Dragon-2000

In this year of the Dragon gameplay, Spyro still has all his signature moves. He has the special moves that were learned by him in Spyro 2 as well. You have to control the vehicles like speedboats, submarines, and tanks. Several mini-games and simple puzzles are added to balance the standard gameplay. This includes skateboarding and boxing. Overall, there are a total of six playable characters.

  1. Season of Ice-2001

The title follows the fairies, being released by Spyro from their icy prisons. The plot starts with Spyro trying to relax at the time of his uninterrupted and much-deserved vacation on the Dragon Shore. Then he receives a message saying a careless Rhynoc wizard has captured Zoe, and throughout the Fairy Realms, all the fairies are frozen. For help, Zoe could send a magic balloon to the Dragon Spyro using the last bit of her magic.

4. Season of Ice-2001

Spyro, now fully determined to save all his friends from that wicked wizard, teams up with Sparx and Hunter. Before the time runs out, Spyro wants to rescue Zoe and as many frozen fairies as he can. Spyro, along with his friends, now confronts all new lands and bosses that were never seen before with dragon eyes. The game features cool graphics, an excellent story, deadly enemies, and classic characters.

  1. Season of Flame- 2002

Game Boy Advance released the Season of Flame in 2002. The fifth series’s entry rotates around the fireflies’ abduction by the Rhynocs. However, ice breathe is a new ability of Spyro. The dragons are able to breathe fire so that Spyro can rescue the magical characters. In this gameplay, all the fireflies have been captured in the Dragon Realms. Various in-game locations and items increase the abilities of Spyro.

5. Season of Flame- 2002

Along with the Kangaroo Sheila and Agent 9, Spyro has to set off on a new journey to the island of fiery. Here fireflies will be rescued by hi, and flames will be restored to the Dragon Realms. This game features a 3D platform/action game. With 30 levels, and before the time runs out, Spyro teams up with Sparx and Hunter to save Zoe and the rest of the frozen fairies.

  1. Enter the Dragonfly- 2002

Debuted in 2002 for GameCube and PlayStation 2, the entry to the game ‘Enter the Dragonfly’ is the same as the previous Spyro games. Here Ripto returns with a new plan of stealing the Dragon Realms’ dragonflies. To combat his foes, the existing set of abilities of Spyro has been enhanced with innovative features such as bubble, ice, and electric breath. Equipped with amazing new vehicles, newly acquired skills, and assistance from old and new friends, Spyro has to find a path to return all the dragonflies to restore orders to the Dragon Realm.

6. Enter the Dragonfly- 2002

The game features 25 levels, all with unique weather conditions and classic Spyro actions: ride vehicles, jump on platforms, avoid obstacles and collect gems. Moreover, it features all-new vehicles, including a Spitfire and UFOs, more than 100 dragonflies, and thousands of gems.

  1. Attack of the Rhynocs- 2003

Attack of the Rhynocs is the same as the previous handheld entries. The plot basically follows Sparx and Spyro helping the professor with his new inventions that can stop Ripto. The professor, Sparx, and Spyro have to drive off the indefinable Ripto and his droves of Rhynocs so they cannot permanently capture the dragon realm.

7. Attack of the Rhynocs- 2003

The game features 14 innovative isometric lands that introduce the players to the home realms of every favorite character of yours. There are RPG elements which include an innovative inventory system, mini-quests, and quests. Moreover, there is a presence of new Spyro abilities, there are playable characters, including Sgt bird, Agent 9, and Spyro. Further, there are new puzzles to solve and a new bonus game.

  1. Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy – 2004

The Spyro franchise and the Crash Bandicoot series merge the two worlds Crash and Spyro. They team to battle against their worst enemies, Ripto and Dr. Neo Cortex. You can enjoy the single-player action with over 25 challenging new games. Further, players can link up to four players for various multiplayer modes, including card Trading, Wager Games, and Party Games.

8. Orange- The Cortex Conspiracy – 2004

The gamers are allowed to connect both the titles and unlock special content. This game allows us to wager and trade cards with our friends. At the end of every level, there are old-school giant bosses. The merger is done for an innovative level of adventure. The game features hopping adventure, a classic platform where swift reflexes and timing are everything.

  1. A Hero’s Tail – 2004

Spyro: A Hero’s Tail will take you back to the world of Spyro, the tough little Dragon with all new platforming adventure. The evil Dragon has planted life-sapping dark gems throughout the Dragon Realms, and Spyro has to save the dragon realms from the evil one. Find and destroy every dark gem to return the dragon lands back to normal.

9. A Heros Tail – 2004

A Hero’s Tail takes you to a new real-time morphing environment. You travel over mysterious, dark lands which morph and change from evil to good at the time of gameplay. New powerups include deadly ice shards, explosive Brimstone Bombs, and the supercharged Horn Dive. New Spyro abilities include ledge grab, tail swing, and wall kick. Some new gadgets included in this game are Aqualung for the unlimited underwater action and dragonball to roll ball madness. Further, there are four breath attacks, including all new water, electricity, ice, and fire.

  1. Shadow Legacy- 2005

Shadow legacy has introduced some role-playing elements in the Dragon Realms that offer fans an RPG-light experience with new gameplay features. Players will fight and defeat the creatures to earn experience, which will improve the abilities and strength of Spyro. As the game progresses, new martial arts, magical powers and combat abilities will be built.

All the technical innovations for the Nintendo users include 3D graphics, wireless capabilities, and touch screen controls. The second screen can be used as an overhead map, and players will also be able to draw symbols for casting spells because of the touch screen. The players can utilize Nintendo DS wireless capabilities for trading collectible creatures with the rest of the players nearby.

  1. The Legend of Spyro: A new beginning -2006

This gameplay explores Spyro’s true origin as players embark on a combat-driven, dangerous quest that brings them face to face with Cynder, the ultimate creation of Dark Master. Experience the true power of this little Dragon Spyro, as you unleash distressing fury attacks, ground to aerial melee combos, and upgradeable breaths in a frenzied battle with bone-chilling bosses and hordes of menacing enemies.

11. The Legend of Spyro- A new beginning -2006

The upgrade and combat system allow various attacks, moves and increase power. The attacks are long-range and fury. It is a cinematic and epic gameplay experience.

  1. The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night- 2007

A true hero has to rise when darkness descends. As the Eternal night approaches, recurring visions of the impending evil haunts Spyro. He has to master new powerful abilities on an epic quest to find the Well of Souls. He needs to prevent the Ape King Gaul from reviving the Dark Master.

12. The Legend of Spyro- The Eternal Night- 2007

The little Dragon can now bend time at will and the dragon time introduces total innovative dynamics to the action. Gaul, the Ape King, and Skabb the Pirate are the new boss battles and enemies. Solve time-based tricky puzzles, out-maneuver enemies, and dodge attacks. Four upgradable attacks are replaced with innovative elemental melee moves.

  1. The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon- 2008

The plot starts with Cynder and Spyro trapped in the crystal for three long years. Since then, the darkness has been unleashed by the evil Malefor. Spyro has to face the Dark Master and fulfill his destiny. With the spread of evil worldwide, Cynder and Spyro have to unlock their true powers and discover new abilities for stopping and defeating Malefor.

Players can fly at any time with Cynder and Spyro. Moreover, players can complete the game as either Cynder or Spyro, which provides them more freedom to explore the world of Spyro in new ways.

  1. Spyro Trilogy Reignited – 2018 (PS4/Xbox One release) and 2019 (Nintendo switch release)

Spyro is back, scaled-up and in stunning HD version. With three original games, rekindle the fire, re-encounter the fiery personalities, explore the expansive realms and relive the adventure in total remastered glory.

14.Spyro Trilogy Reignited – 2018

This version has brought heat like never before. There exists a sole dragon to recall, and there exists a realm that has to be saved. There are more than 100 levels with improved gameplay controls and breathtaking graphical updates.

Wrapping up

The first version of Spyro has been included in the physical disc, but the other two are digital versions which after purchase, must be downloaded and installed. There is nothing official on the return of Spyro yet. However, Activison has hinted at an innovative entry for continuing the year of Dragon. Enjoy your gameplay!

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