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Amazfit Bip U is one of the latest smartwatches. It is loaded with many cool features such as 9-day battery life, PAI health assessment, Blood-oxygen measurement, and many more. There are many more cool tips and tricks you are unaware of in this watch. Keep reading to find out how to use them.


One of the coolest things that Amafit BIT U pro provides is Alexa. As we are using Alexa, we do have a Microphone attached to this watch. So, now you can just talk to it and google the information. But, sadly, Alexa only sends us text messages instead of voice messages as there is no speaker.

You can easily set up Alexa by following the below steps:

First, go into the Zap app on your phone

Scroll down until you find Amazon Alexa

Once you find it, tap on it

Now sign in with your Amazon account

Once you have completed the whole process, you can now use Alexa on your device.

Customize your workouts

The second cool thing about Amazfit Bip U is customizing your workouts. To do it, go to the Apps section and then tap the workouts tab. Here you will find various workouts such as indoor cycling, running, etc. You can customize all your workout in the settings tab. You can set up activity alerts, real-time heartbeat graphs, goals, and many more.  All the above workouts have different customizable features.

Screen Lock Feature

The Screen Lock feature is one such feature that is not easily found in watches. But Amazfit Bip U provides you screen lock feature. So, once you have enabled this feature, you need to unlock your device to use it again. This could also help you extend your battery life. To enable this feature, follow the below steps:

First, go into the settings option.

Then scroll down and tap screen lock settings.

Then click on the enable screen lock option.

Then press the side button of the watch and you are done.

To unlock it again, press the side/power button of your watch once again and it will be unlocked.

Customize the long press of the side button

Amazfit Bip U allows you to customize the long press of the side button. It means, it will launch various things according to your preferences. To do it:

Start by going into the settings tab

Scroll down until you find the preferences option

Once you find it tap on it

Then click on press and hold

Here you find different options such as activity, goal, PA, Heart rate, sleep, workout, and many more

Select the one which you want to launch

Once you have done it, it will launch the feature that you set up.

Customize the sequence of widgets

Amazfit Bip U allows you to add, remove and alter the sequence of widgets. To do it:

Go to Settings

Scroll down until you find preferences

Once you find it, tap on it

Click on the shortcut apps option

Now move them up and down to change their sequence and also add and remove them

You can add up to 10 different widgets of your choice.

Setup Pomodoro Clock

If you are someone who loves setting up timers to organize your life, then the Pomodoro Clock feature can be a lot helpful for you. To set up the Pomodoro clock feature:

First, go to apps

Look for the Pomodoro tracker app

Once you find it, tap on it

Now set up the time of your convenience and click on start

It also displays the concentration and rest time of your day

Camera Remote Feature

We also have a Camera Remote Feature on this watch. To set it up:

Go to apps

Scroll down and tap on the camera remote option

Now go into the zap app on your phone

Go into Amazfit Bip U pro and then go into labs

Now go into camera settings

Connect your phone to watch via Bluetooth now

Once you are done, you can use the camera remote feature in your watch now.

These are all the tips and tricks regarding the Amazfit Bip U pro watch. Remember that some of the apps, such as Pomodoro, Alexa, etc., are present under the more tab of the apps menu. You can move them if you want.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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