Amazfit T-Rex Pro Tips And Tricks

Xiaomi recently launched another Amazfit T-Rex series, T-Rex Pro. And since it has launched last year, it quickly became popular watch wear among tech lovers with its feature-rich, stylish, and well-priced offerings. With a 1.3-inch, 360 x 360, AMOLED display, 10 ATM water resistance, and 390mAh battery life, T-Rex Pro has many amazing cool features like GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo.

Install the Amazfit app via the mobile phone and pair the watch using the app to utilize all its features completely. Here are some of the Amazfit T-Rex Pro tips and tricks that will help you to enjoy its features fully.

Amazfit app for Android

Amazfit app for iOS

Amazfit T-Rex Pro tips and tricks:

Shortcut all necessary features

You can easily shortcut all the necessary features that you need on the watch display. Go to the watch face page and swipe down to do that, and you will see the control shortcut menu page. You can also customize your shortcut menu.

Turn on Flashlight

You can turn on the flashlight from your Amazfit T-Rex Pro. Turn on your watch face, then click on the flashlight icon to turn on the flashlight function. The watch screen light will show a bright white background that will work just like a small flashlight and illuminate a small area at night. Swipe right or go back to the home screen to turn off the flashlight function.

Brightness adjustment

Do you want to adjust the brightness of your T-Rex Pro screen? Follow the steps below for doing it:-

Click on the brightness adjustment icon, and you will find two options: auto-brightness and manual brightness.

Auto brightness: If you choose the auto-brightness mode, the watch will automatically adjust the screen brightness based on surrounding lights.

Manual brightness: Choosing this option will let you adjust the brightness accordingly. You can drag the brightness slider up and down to adjust the brightness.

Once you have adjusted the screen brightness, you can simply swipe right or tap the back button to go to the main screen.

DND mode

The coolest feature in Amazfit T-Rex Pro is the DND mode. Follow the steps to turn it on.

Swipe left and tap on the DND mode to turn it on. Once it’s been on, you will no longer get any notifications or incoming calls on your watch. You can turn it off just by tapping it one more time.

There are two types of DND modes with different features:

Timed DND: You also customize your DND mode for a certain period. Choose from when you want to start the DND mode and the ending time.

Smart DND: This is also a cool feature where your watch automatically goes to DND mode once you fall asleep.

Battery saver mode

Turning battery saver mode on can lengthen your watch’s battery life. Once you the battery saver mode is on, your watch will only display the time and track your steps and sleep time, while other functions will automatically get disabled. To turn this feature off, you need to long-press the select button.

Customize the Watch Face:

You can easily replace your watch face by either long-pressing the watch face for 2 seconds or from the settings. To do that :

Go to the settings

Tap on the watch face settings

Swipe left and right to look for the available watch faces

Select the one you want and tap on the middle of the screen to replace it

You can get more watch faces from the Watch Face Store.

Above are some of the Amazfit T-Rex Pro tips and tricks. Anyone can follow these simple instructions, so try them out with your new Amazfit T-Rex Pro and get the best out of your smartwatch.

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