Amazon to Soon Increase The Price of Prime Membership in US

Following the suite of Netflix, Amazon is bumping the price of it’s Prime membership in the US.

The new prices are increased by 16% for annual plans and will go into effect for new subscribers later this month, and the next month for old subscribers. Amazon reasoned this hike with points like increased wages for employees, shipping costs, and the expansion of benefits under the Prime plan.

Hiking The Prime Membership Price

Amazon to Soon Increase The Price of Prime Membership in US

Amazon’s Prime membership is one of the best packages out there, which includes a lot of privileges from Amazon. These include free and fast delivery, Prime Music, Prime Video, exclusive offers and discounts, and also access to other Amazon platforms.

Offering all these options for a sum of just $12.99 a month seems cheap, which led many around the world to subscribe to it. And since Amazon understood the pulse of it’s people, it’s now hiking the prices of this suite a bit, by tagging understandable reasons.

The company announced increasing the monthly price of Prime membership to $14.99, up from $12.99. Also, the yearly plan is bumped by $20 to $139, a 16% increase. And these changes are applicable only to US users as of now. The company has earlier increased the Prime Membership prices in India too.

And for old (current) US customers, this change will go into effect from March 25, 2022. While for the new subscribers, it’s from February 18 onwards. This is the first time since 2018 that Amazon has hiked the Prime membership price.

And the company backed this with plenty of reasons like – increased shipping costs, an increase in employee wages, and the expansion of benefits under the Prime membership. This was revealed in it’s Q4 2021 report, which you can see to learn more about it’s plans.

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