An eSIM Bug in iPhones is Deactivating iMessage and FaceTime Apps

Several iPhone users report a unique eSIM bug that’s deactivating the iMessage and FaceTime apps across the globe.

This bug is limited to a specific iPhone model or a carrier, but T-Mobile said it’s related to an iCloud/Apple ID-related problem and working with Apple to solve this. The only workaround until then is to use a physical SIM with your iPhone!

eSIM Bug Crashing Apps in iPhone

iPhone users using an eSIM for network services are widely reporting app deactivation issues, with some finding temporary solutions and others trying a physical SIM card. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman too reported this issue on his iPhone and said to trigger this bug while connecting to his T-Mobile account.

The eSIM bug is reportedly deactivating the iMessage and FaceTime apps in not just the T-Mobile-based carriers but also all others around the world. Since eSIM is soldered to the phone’s motherboard, a fix for this is hard or may take a long time to come.

T-Mobile said it’s working with Apple to solve this issue and cited that it’s an iCloud/Apple ID-related problem. Gurman and others said that they fixed this bug temporarily by switching to a physical SIM card, although some said deactivating and reactivating the eSIM worked.

As of now, this could affect iPhone X and later, running on iOS 15.4, iOS 15.5, and iOS 15.6 beta 1 version.

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