Android 11 source code open-sourced
Android 11 source code open-sourced

Just after a day of official launch, the Android 11 source code is made public today. This is updated into the ASOP just like other previous Android builds, and have new features that are yet to be coming to handsets. These include a battery defender, freezing cached apps, dedicated volume control for assistants etc.

Android Community Makes the Source Code of Android 11 Public

Rather than introducing new features, Android 11 is refined to make conversations and controlling smart devices easier, besides giving users more control over their privacy from apps’ data collection. This includes adding a dedicated section in the notification panel for housing conversations and chat bubbles like Facebook’s Messenger.

While these being good, Mishaal Rahman of XDA developers has spotted few more features in Android 11 source code, which was just made open-source. In the updated
ASOP, he found codes for setting a dedicated volume control for voice assistants like Google’s, Bixby etc. Further, there’s even a feature called “battery defender” which is designed to reduce the charging time if the handset is connected for a long time.

Other feature like “freezing cached apps” is found, which is specified to freeze the background apps that run in the cache, and use light power. Freezing these since not being used by the user can save battery a little, and may unfreeze them once they’re opener again or cleared from recent apps. Releasing the source code public means opening the opportunities for custom ROM makers to make their own OS.

Popular makers like LineageOS, Resurrection Remix, crDroid, Evolution X, Pixel Experiment may tune the Android 11 source code to their favour and add new features before releasing it to the public for flashing in their bloatware loaded smartphones. Check here the Android 11 ASOP along with changes made from RC1, RC2, and RC3 builds.

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