Android 12L

Google has officially announced Android 12L with the main focus on large screen devices i.e foldable, tablets, and Chrome OS devices.

There were some hints of a possible launch of Android 12L as there was some news that Google might release a mid-cycle android update after the launch of Android 12.

The “L” in the name represents the large screen devices that are mainly tablets, chrome books, and foldable.

Android 12L

Android 12L update:

It is a mid-cycle update that is announced after a few weeks of the official Android 12 update. The main focus here is the large screen devices and the OS is optimized according to those devices.

The new update brings new APIs that will help app developers to develop and maintain apps that are truly optimized for large screens.

Android 12L

Over the past year, there has been a surge in demand for tablets as due to the lockdown, many people work and study from home. In fact in past one year there have been over 100 million tablets sold globally.

The new OS update will bring new changes in the UI, home screen elements, notification shade, settings page and menu, and on the lock screen.

The update will use a two-column layout for the foldable and tablets. Many apps and settings menus on the foldable and tablets will now use a two-column layout to make it easier to use the app and to use most of the large space available.

There is a new taskbar in this update that will make multitasking and switching between apps more efficient. The users can use this taskbar feature by just dragging and dropping apps from the taskbar. Every app on foldable and tablets has the support of this feature with the new update.

The search giant is asking app developers to update their apps based on Android 12L so that their apps can easily adapt to the different display sizes. There are three display sizes as of now i.e compact size for smartphones, medium size for foldable and expanded landscape for tablets and chrome books.

This Android 12L update will be available for supported devices early next year, “in time for the next wave of Android 12 tablets and foldable”. 

Google will release the developer preview of this update soon for Lenovo Tab P12 Pro followed by the first public beta for pixel devices.

It is a mid-way update so it will be available for smartphones as well but most features that support foldable and tablets will be limited to only large screen devices.

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