Google Now Allows Android 13 Devs on Pixel 6 Phones to Rollback

Aside from developing the standard Android 12 OS, Google is working on the Android 12L variant too. The company has just released the second Beta of L variant yesterday.

And this comes with a new option in Picture-in-Picture mode, and simple clock settings when the device is locked. These will be available to those who are enrolled in the Android 12L Beta program.

Android 12L Beta 2 New Features

Months after Android 12 stable rollout, Android fans are more enthusiastic about Android 12L, rather than the new standard counterpart of it. Android 12L is specially made for large format and multi-window devices, like foldable smartphones.

As they’re new devices coming into the market, Google is developing the L variant specifically for them. The company has just released the second Beta version of it, and XDA’s Mishaal Rahman has found two new features in it already. These include new split-screen support for PiP mode and letting your lock screen clock stay simple when the device is locked.

Picture-in-Picture mode, which overlays one app’s window over another, is now getting new split-screen support. If you’re running the Android 12L and updated to the latest Beta version, you should see a new split-screen button showing up in the overlayed app window, when in Picture-in-Picture mode.

This avoids dragging or turning on the window to split-screen in the multitasking menu, replacing it with a simple button. And a thing to note, this option will be available only if the overlaying app is set onto another app’s screen.

The next one is regarding the simple single-line clock. If a device is locked in Android 12, the lock screen clock gets enormous when you don’t have any notifications displaying. This can be avoided in Android 12L Beta 2, which gets a new option to turn off the “double-line” clock and let a single-line clock, even when the screen is locked.

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