Android 13

Google officially released the Android 13 stable version for all supported Pixel devices months before the actual release date. Google initially released the first developer preview of Android 13 in February of this year. Since then the OS was in beta form for testing and now the search giant is officially rolling out the stable version of Android 13. This is the stable version of Android 13 that can be used as a daily driver.

Google announced in a blog post that all supported pixel devices are getting the official and stable version of Android 13 starting from today. The OS update is available for all Pixel devices from Pixel 4 to the newly launched Pixel 6a. Pixel devices that were launched before Pixel 4 are not eligible for the update. If you have a Pixel 4 or higher then just go to system settings and check for an OTA update.

Simply open the settings app, navigate systems, and tap on a system update to get the latest OTA update. If you don’t get the update then try to update the device after a few minutes as the update is rolling out for all global users. If you are already part of the Android beta program then you need to opt out from the beta program to get the stable version.

Apart from Google, other OEMs are also working on getting the Android 13 stable version for their supported devices. OEMs such as Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Oppo already have a beta version of Android 13 for their selective devices based on their own custom skin. Google has announced that Android 13 will be available for other devices later this year.

If you are using a smartphone other than Google Pixel then wait for the official announcement from your OEM. The flagship devices from other OEMs that were launched in the past two years will get the stable update of the next version of Android.

The Android 13 update is very stable than the Android 12 at launch and is not a big upgrade over Android 12. Most of the changes are under the hood and Google just refined things more with this update. There are many new features and options in this update but you will not find any big visual changes as compared to Android 12.

Every year, Google released the stable Android version in October. But this year we see the release in August which is a couple of months earlier than the usual time frame. If you want to try the latest version of Android then wait for your OEM to release the update.

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