Android 14 Developer Preview 2 is Now Available to Eligible Phones

Google this week released the Android 14 Developer Preview 2 update to eligible Pixel phones, adding new features and improvements to the existing ones.

Most of the additions focus on the device’s security and user privacy while also optimizing the new OS for large-screen devices like tablets and foldables. Interested developers can install it right now, while general users have to wait a bit longer for the Beta Update. Yet, here’s what it got;

Android 14 DP2 Changelog

Enhancing the new OS one more time before releasing it to the public, Google released the next iteration of Android 14 Developer Preview (2) from the feedback taken from DP1 a month ago. The Android 14 DP2 comes with enhancements to privacy, security and performance while also tuning the OS to better suit tablets and foldables.

Starting up, apps in Android 14 need to ask users for specific permission while accessing the media storage – like only select photos and videos, all or nothing. This initial dialog helps to maintain your privacy from being accessed by the applications. Also, apps targeting Android 14 will need to be granted privileges for running activities in the background.

And then there’s a Credential Manager that allows apps to sign in using passkeys. The new Android update also has improvements for the UI of the account selector, alongside the changes to the API based on DP1’s feedback.

Further, there are optimizations to Android’s memory management – with the system able to improve the resource usage of apps while they are running in the background. Android 14 DP2 added a new regional preference setting to let users personalize temperature units, the first day of the week and a numbering system based on your region.

The Android 14 Developer Preview 2 is available for the Pixel 4a 5G and later devices and is recommended only for app developers. General users can try this OS next month in the form of Beta updates released by Google.

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