Android 14
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We have started getting hints, rumors, and leaks about Android 14, Google’s next iteration of Android. There are a few things we know about Android 14 before it goes official, and they pertain to the app’s security features.

It will be difficult for users to install older version of apps this time around. The search giant plans to restrict sideloading of apps on Android devices with the next generation of Android versions.

As per 9to5gooogle, Android 14 will restrict users from sideloading apps through apk files for better security. Google has added stricter API codes inside the operating system which will limit older versions of apps from installing. This will also restrict App Stores from installing an older version of any app.

Android is an open-source operating system that allows users to download apps from different websites and stores besides the Google Play Store. For Android phones, the play store is the official source for downloading apps. It is also possible to download an app’s apk file from many other sources and install the apk file using an unknown source by allowing the app to be installed.

The main risk of installing apps or apk files from other sources is that they may contain viruses or malware. Eventually, this will negatively affect the smartphone’s performance and lead to leaks of personal information. Malware can also be used for hacking purposes.

With the Android 14 update, Google will also restrict installing older versions of the apps from the Play Store as well. With these changes, users will be safe from the malware that come from apps that are installed through sideloading. The developer who is behind this API said that malware that comes with the apps usually aims at the older version of Android and this step will restrain malware attacks. He also said that it will be the OEM’s choice whether they want to implement this change on their Android devices or not. This step will not wholly restrict the malware attacks on the OS, it will undoubtedly limit their attack.

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