Android 7.0 Nougat General Information


This new Android 7.0 platform has a dramatic visual overhaul. Nougat provides a lot of improvements and refinements. It comes with new usability changes. Nougat is about extending functionality. It is an improvement of existing features in Android. The setting menu and notification areas have been modified. It includes a multi-tasking and split screen functionality. These features are very advanced and demand user’s attention.


Nougat delivers a split-screen mode which works both in landscape and portrait mode. It includes two windows which can be resized in portrait mode. The Quick switching app allows the user to switch between two most recently used apps. This is a system-wide feature which allow the user to switch quickly when in a full-screen app. The secondary window of the split mode can also be used. The multi-window is very smart when it comes to the keyboard. Multi-windows resize themselves automatically to accommodate the keyboard. It provides an option of move to the next screen using an overflow button



The notification area provides more information and less wasted space. The bundled notifications and quick reply are so obvious and useful. Nougat allows the user to dismiss notifications and choose the amount of information for display. The System UI Tuner uses the sliding scale to set the importance of app notifications. Nougat introduces a list of five toggles on top of the notifications shade. The doze mode now works while the device is stationary or in motion. There are new 72 emoji`s in Nougat including various skin tones. The user can set primary and secondary language with a switching capability. The user can pin apps on the screen and use links for definition.



The essential information contained in each settings section is now displayed on the main page. The top of the settings menu includes suggestions. The Do Not Disturb settings allow the user to choose from total silence and alarms only. It also allows the user to set priority only for short period of time or indefinitely with exceptions. The Data Saver denies internet access to background apps when connected to cellular data. New android updates can be downloaded in the background and stored in a different system partition. Time savers like the Quick Settings, mini-toggles, camera shortcuts and quick app switching are highly enabled. Game developers can chose between high performance Vulkan or less complex OpenGl. Standard.



Direct boot means that the user can still receive incoming calls, get notifications and hear alarms. This is done while securing private information. Android 7.0 platform moves to a file encryption basis from disk encryption in Marshmallow. The number blocking and call screening platform provides complete control over unwanted and unknown callers. Nougat also provides a fine-grained control over folder access.

Other features include addiction of emergency information on the locked screen. It also provides better back up and accessibility settings. It includes VPN and Work Mode settings for blocking work notifications while off duty. The final build of Nougat also features a night mode.



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