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Black Friday is coming up and that means retailers will begin applying major discounts to products they sell. This is also a great time to get premium, high-quality Android applications and games for a discounted price. Both Black Friday and New Year’s Eve are big days for developers with hundreds of sales happening over the holiday season.

I’ve been covering application and game sales ever since my iOS days. My first Android smartphone was the Nexus 4 but even in my iPhone days, I was focused on getting apps and games for a good price. Some of these developers will even mark their Android game down to absolutely free in an attempt to bring in sales for their other games.

I see this every year around this time from small devs to big publishing companies such as Square Enix.

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Developers will even heavily discount their games throughout the year too. This is why I got so wrapped up in it as I always felt as if I was missing out by not paying attention to which apps or games were currently on sale. There are some online resources that attempt to catalog all of them but more often than not they are a mess.

They tend to not have any filters in place meaning hundreds of icon packs, spammy wallpaper apps, custom widgets, and Substratum themes will end up flooding the pages. This results in a fight in patience as it can take a lot of time to scroll through those to pick out the truly good apps and games that are on sale.

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I go through all of this for you every morning right after I sit down at the desk. It’s become a ritual of sorts and I do it in a way that actually organizes the app sales for you. When people look for apps and games they tend to be very specific about what they are looking for.

This can be a puzzle game, a casual idle game, maybe an in-depth RPG, or something totally different.

There are parents who are just looking to save a bit of money while still being able to get their kid a new, educational, and engaging app. For those parents, I have an entire section dedicated to those people.

Others are mainly looking for those handy utility applications as they aren’t big mobile gamers at all. These folks may be looking for those wallpaper changing apps, ones that do specific tasks (including meditation, image galleries, media players, and more) and they will be happy to see I have a dedicated section for these as well.

The most popular section of Play Store Sales though is the mobile games that get marked at a discounted price. These can be anything from long-form, story-driven RPGs, popular desktop PC game ports, or simply casual puzzle or hidden object games. They can all cost $2, $3, $4, or $5+ at full price but many will be discounted to less than half that.

I even have a dedicated Now Free section for those who are looking for any premium app/game that is currently available absolutely free.

I’ll be listing some of the best of the best Android games on sale for Black Friday 2019 down below.


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