Apex Legends Connection To Server Timed Out

When it comes to playing online games, issues with connections are the most frustrating and annoying, as they can occur anytime in the middle of playing the game. When you are winning a match, these errors are going to ruin your experience and mood. Unfortunately, this same case happens with the Apex Legends Players. Apex Legends is a unique battle-royale game where players have various abilities. This game has been acclaimed by critics and fans alike. With millions of players playing this game actively, this is still quite popular. Though the game is quite well organized, there are certain errors.

After its launch, many users reported various errors and bugs. Among many, the error “Connection to server timed out” is a new one. This error message means your server and the game cannot communicate. Some players report the issue at the start of the game, while some face it in the middle when it freezes. Playing the game becomes a task because of these connectivity issues irrespective of whether you are playing the game on a PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. The issue is really annoying, but we have come up with some easy fixes that you may try for instant relief.

Fixes for Apex Legends Connection to server timed out:

When your game is showing this error and acting up, you must try these fixes before it gets more frustrating.

Fix 1: Restart your PC and Game

The most basic and easiest fix for solving this error is to restart your PC or the game. Surprisingly, this method magically works in most cases, irrespective of the device you are using. Some applications might affect your game, and after you restart your PC, these processes will end. Restarting the game by closing the program via the task manager is better. In the window taskbar, type “Task Manager” and click on it to open the app. Under the list of applications, right-click the Apex Legends and select “End Task”. You must definitely try this fix first, and if it is still not working, you need to move to the next one.

Fix 2: Check the internet connection

Apex Legends being an online game, syncs the game data into the servers in real-time. That is why poor network connection might result in the game crashing and showing errors such as “connection to the server timed out”. Before starting the game, ensure that the internet is running properly. To open a run dialog box, you must press Windows + R, type “ncpa.cpl” and hit the enter key. Your network adapter must be enabled, and you will view two blue-lit monitors that indicate you are connected. Once the network adapter is connected, the internet connection has to be checked to see if everything is working. Ping to an IP address to check so. Users who play this game with a Wi-Fi connection report this issue frequently. If you are a user of a Wi-Fi setup, you are highly recommended to switch to Ethernet.

Fix 3: Flushing your DNS

To flush your DNX can help you to get rid of the error of Apex Legends. Here’s how you have to flush your DNS:-

In the search bar, you have to type “.cmd”. The command prompt has to be right-clicked and then run as administrator. Then, type “ipconfig/flushdns” and hit the Enter key. After that, type the command “netsh int ip reset”, press Enter. Finally, restart your computer. Then try launching the Apex Legends again and check if the error is gone.

Fix 4: Run Apex Legends as the Administrator

We will not likely receive proper access to some particular game files leading to crashes and errors unless we do not run that game as an administrator. For playing this game with administrative privileges, the following steps need to be followed. Your desktop has an “Origin” icon, which you need to right-click. Then select “Run as Administrator”. Click “Yes” on the pop-up window to provide the necessary privileges.

Fix 5: Restart the Windows Audio Service

The server time-out error can be because of the failure of the Windows audio service to run properly. Below we have mentioned some steps to fix this error and restart the windows audio service manually:

Launch the Apex Legends

Go back to the desktop when the game is running. Then to open the Run dialog box, you have to press “Win + R”

Press enter after typing “service. MSc”

Find the service “Windows Audio Endpoint Builder”. Select “Stop” after right-clicking on it

Next, a confirmation pop-up window will appear where you have to click “Yes”

Your next task is right-clicking again on the windows audio service and then selecting “Start”

Fix 6: Clear your game cache folder

When you see that none of the above solutions are working, this must be the cause why the game is showing errors. The cache of the game needs to be cleared to ensure that the things stay in place. Below mentioned are the steps to do it:

Foremost, you have to origin application and the game

To bring the “Run” dialog box up, click the “Win +R” key

In the input box, you have to type “%AppData%” and click “OK”

You can see the folder AppData/Roaming. Then you have to move back and view a folder named “Local”

Open this “Local” folder, and then delete the “Origin” folder

When you perform this function, the cache of the Apex Legends will clear. Now, your next task is restarting the PC, launching the game, and checking whether the problem persists.

Fix 7: Update Router Firmware and open ports in the Router

At times, a firmware update for the router might cause a connection error in Apex Legends. For this, control panel needs to be signed in for the router. Then search for the option “Update the firmware”. When you are done with the process, try restarting your PC and connecting again.

When you open particular ports, games may function better. This is because open ports are designed for accepting incoming connections. Your router settings need to be configured to open ports:

Open your router settings and log in by typing your login id and password

Open Advanced/Additional/Expert Settings

Find “Port Forwarding”

In the entry, type your computer’s IP address. Based on the device you are using, choose the ports that you wish to open.

Finally, save the settings, and your computer, modem, and router needs to be restarted and play Apex legends again

Fix 8: Change security permissions

Changing the security permissions of Apex Legends in windows worked wonders for many players. Here’s how you can do it:

In the search bar, type “Apex Legends” and right-click on this game

Select “Open File Location”

Then on ApexLegends.exe right click and select “Properties”

Next, click on the “Security” tab

Under user names or Group, highlight “System” and then click “Edit”

In the pop-up, under Group/user names, highlight a group

In the Authenticated Users box permissions, ensure that all the entries are checked for “Allow”

Under Group/user names, repeat this step for every group

Then finally click on “Apply” and then on “OK”

After performing the above steps restart your computer and try connecting to Apex Legends.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, we hope that these solutions have been helpful enough in fixing your error “Connection to server timed out” in the game Apex legends. First, start with the simple solution and then move to the complex ones. This will ensure that the simple errors are fixed. If you see the problem still persists, we would suggest you wait for the official patch from the EA. The hotfix update might be the only solution to this problem.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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