Apex Legends Mobile Version is Shutting Down in May 2023

Less than a year after launching, the Apex Legends Mobile version will be shelved on May 1st, 2023 – says the game developers.

This comes after the game received spurred interest in it’s initial times but sharply fell down after that – and never gaining back the same popularity as it’s PC and console versions. With the in-app purchases already being stopped, players are advised to use their current balance in the game before it’s shut down.

Apex Legends Mobile Shutdown

Electronic Arts, the franchise that developed popular games like Need for Speed franchise, FIFA and Apex Legends, is, unfortunately, shutting down the mobile version of Apex Legends soon. The game was launched in late May last year and even groped a great interest in the community initially.

But, it has fallen interested over time, with no significant player base today. May this lead to it’s demise; the game’s developers announced a shutdown date of May 1st, 2023, in a recent post. Although, the PC and console versions of Apex Legends stay alive and are successfully running.

The Verge noted that additional in-app purchases had been stopped already – so it’s advised that players having a heavy balance loaded in their game wallet spend it before it’s taken down. Aside from this, EA is also shelving Battlefield Mobile, hinting at the weak FPS market on mobile.

Scraping Apex Legends Mobile is a wise decision since it has already taken a hit on EA’s financials, and maintaining a game that’s not catering much on mobile is sensible. Thus, it’s dumping it now.

We also expect the company not to push any new shooter games to the public in the near future, so better be busy completing your reward balance in Apex Legends Mobile with your friends.

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