Apple beats Vivo in terms of smartphones sales in China to become the number one smartphone brand in the month of October.

It is a big surprise for many of us as Apple products are expensive and also Chinese people mostly choose smartphones from local companies. Many Chinese OEMs manufacture flagship smartphones at half the price of the iPhone. But still, Apple somehow beats the local OEMs in smartphone sales and become the number one brand in the month of October.

Every year, in the last quarter Apple sees a spike in smartphone sales due to the launch of the new iPhone and this time is no different. This year’s iPhone 13 series is also performing well in terms of smartphone sales globally including in China.

The report published by research firm Counterpoints states that Apple beats Vivo in China to become the number one brand in the month of October. This is also for the first time since 2015 that Apple rose to the first position in China in smartphone sales.

The news source states that iPhone shipments grew 46% as compared to those in September. Also, the Chinese smartphone market grew only 2% in October as compared to September.

In terms of Smartphone sales, Apple holds a 22% market share, Vivo comes in second with 20% market share, Oppo and Huawei come in third and fourth spot with 18% and 8% market share respectively.

The reason for Apple’s success in China is mainly due to the decrease in Huawei’s sales in China. Huawei’s sales decreased in China after the US imposed sanctions on Huawei in 2020

According to counterpoint research:

Commenting on the market growth in China, Research Director Tarun Pathak said, “Ever since Huawei’s decline, the top position in China has been changing hands. OPPO became #1 in January 2021 while Vivo attained the top position in March 2021. The market dynamics changed again in October with Apple becoming the new #1 OEM for the first since December 2015. This was driven by the success of the iPhone 13 series, which was also launched cheaper than the iPhone 12 series in China. Huawei has been resilient in the premium segment in China, but this seems to be changing now. Apple, with its strong brand equity, is gaining the maximum from the gap left by Huawei in the premium segment. Apple could have gained more if it were not for the shortages, especially for the Pro versions. But still, Apple is managing its supply chain better than other OEMs.

Commenting on the supply shortages in China’s market, Senior Analyst Varun Mishra said, “Due to supply issues, the normal wait time for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max ranges between four and five weeks in China. Some Chinese customers choose to pay premiums to get the new phones delivered immediately. Overall, the China market has been slow throughout the year and Apple’s growth is a positive sign. It indicates that Chinese smartphone users are maturing fast; and are looking to buy more high-end devices, which can be a good opportunity for brands. The supply chain is also prioritizing higher-end and higher-margin devices amid the shortages.”

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