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Tim Cook in his letter sent to all the Apple employees lately states about ending the work-from-home trend finally. He calls for employees to return to the office in September this year, and be involved in a new hybrid working scheme of a 3-day workweek. He reportedly mentioned vaccine availability and reduction of COVID cases, thus lessen the risk of working in offices again.

Apple Employees Are Being Called Backed to Office

Apple Calls Up Employees Back to Office in September

The COVID-19 breakout has locked everyone in their homes, creating troubles for many initially. But soon everyone has accustomed to the new work-from-home style and gave rise to remote tools like Zoom. While this shift caused many to stay with their families for long, this will soon be ending for Apple employees – as their CEO said so.

As per reports from Bloomberg, Tim Cook has sent out emails to Apple employees saying that the company wishes to end the new remote working norm, and asks employees to be back in the office this September. He reportedly mentioned the decline of infection cases and the general availability of vaccines.

Thus, the company sees it as a good time to call back employees into the office. Cook said, “Video conference calling has narrowed the distance between us, to be sure, but there are things it simply cannot replicate.” He mentioned about the employees who should be working in groups, should better collaborate in the old-school style.

Also, Apple is found to be trailing a new scheme in working days, as it allows employees work-from-home on Wednesdays and Fridays of the week, where the other three days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) mandates employees to work in the office. The company has earlier made the decision to draw employees back in June but now pushed to September.

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