Apple Forces Developers to Push an App Update Or Get Them Delisted

Apple developers on various social media platforms are complaining about a new App Improvement Notice they’re served with, warning that their apps from the App Store will soon be removed.

Apple is supplying this notice to all those developers whose apps aren’t updated for a long time, so asking them to pass an update within the next 30 days to keep them intact on The App Store. The company has already stated this policy in 2015, and now recently started cracking down.

Dumping Outdated Apps From App Store

Apple’s policies over App Store in-app purchases are already receiving enough heat. Now, a new ‘App Improvement Notice‘ is triggering the app developers who were warned by Apple of a policy made in 2016.

Apple said that it will delist the outdated apps from it’s App Store, which didn’t receive an update for a ‘significant amount of time’. So to keep the apps visible to new and existing users, the company asked developers to pass an update to their dormant apps within the next 30 days.

Several developers have raised this issue on various social media platforms, where some of their games have already been delisted. How Apple is determining apps as outdated isn’t known yet, as it let an app called Pocket God remain, even though it didn’t receive any update since 2015.

Also, it’s unknown when Apple started cracking down on outdated apps. The company started doing so in 2016, but many are seeing the delisting in recent days. the company wrote on it’s App Store Improvements page as,

“We are implementing an ongoing process of evaluating apps, removing apps that no longer function as intended, don’t follow current review guidelines, or are outdated.”

Experts warn that this policy can severely impact app developers, especially the Indie developers who’s got no big resources and time to constantly keep updating their apps.

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