Apple: iOS Devs Should Put an 'Account Delete' Button in Their Apps

Building on the number of privacy tools Apple has set for its’ users, the company is now forcing it’s iOS developers to set a one-stop account deletion option in all their apps.

This new option should help users to erase all their personal data stored with the developer’s server, who would otherwise be going through various channels to do so. Apple has announced this policy a long back but is now enforcing it strictly with a deadline.

One-Click Account Delete Button in iOS Apps

Apple’s popularity for safeguarding users’ privacy didn’t come comfortably, but with being harsh on developers and advertisers with a number of strict policies. Most rules are aimed at respecting the users’ privacy, and securing their personal data properly, which most devs or advertisers won’t do properly.

Thus, Apple announced a new mandate of having an “account delete” button in all of it’s iOS apps, which are letting users create an account for serving them. This gives the users a single-click option to wipe out their data with unreliable apps, that they think are useless to continue with.

Apple noted this policy a long back but was delayed due to unknown reasons to date. But now, it gave the iOS developers a new deadline of June 30th to set an account delete button in all their apps on the App Store. This policy is thoughtful and helps especially those who live in regions with no data protection laws.

And if there’s any local law that’s barring the new Apple policy, then it’s the duty of developers to adjust their apps accordingly and satisfy all the parties concerned.

Having a one-stop account delete service will ease the users’ efforts in erasing their data with the developers, who would otherwise be going through a support channel or several redirects and verifications to do so.

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