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To calm down the unionization efforts of several store workers across the US, Apple is reportedly changing it’s workplace policies to make them more flexible for the workers.

Some of these include breaking the continuous 5-day work week, increasing gaps between shift gaps, and not making employees work after 8 pm for more than 3 days a week. All of these are said to be rolling out later this year for all the USA employees.

Soothing Apple Store Workers

The unionization efforts of Apple store workers across the US are picking up, with more and more employees approaching several union bodies and authorities to help them form unions. Apple in the past openly said that forming unions will only deter it’s work relations with the employees, and cannot be good for the company in long run.

Thus, in order to soothe them, Apple is reportedly making some work policy changes, said Bloomberg citing a source. These include breaking the continuous 5-day work week by offering some holidays in between, with exceptions during product launches and on holidays.

Further, increasing the hours between shifts from 10 to 12 hours, and also not making employees work after 8 PM more than days a week. Aside from these, the full-time employees will be eligible for a dedicated weekend holiday every six months.

All these are said to be officially rolling out later this year, but Bloomberg’s sources said they will be implemented in some stores in the coming weeks.

Apple has already surrendered silently in many cases to chill the rapid unionization efforts. The company has increased the per-hour wage rate, increased vacation days, paid sick days, and even expanded the backup child care. Yet, some employees are stirred up to form unions anyway.

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