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Apple is working on an iPhone with a USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer, reports Bloomberg. For quite a long time, Apple is unwilling to adopt Type-C ports for it’s iPhones but the change is expected as someday Apple has to take the decision to adopt Type-C. The lightning port has been the standard for all iPhones for over a decade now.

Apart from this the company is also working on a charging brick that will allow upcoming iPhones to work flawlessly with accessories that uses lightning cable as per some people with the knowledge of this matter who asked not to be named as this matter is not made public yet, reports Bloomberg.

As per the Apple-famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will ditch the lightning port and adopt a Type-C port but that will not happen till 2023. It means that this year we will see iPhone with the same lightning port while next year in 2023 the iPhone 15 will launch with a Type-C connector.

The tech giant launched it’s new iPhone in the second half of the year so we will see all this happening in the second half of 2023 when the new iPhone will launch. Nowadays, a USB Type-C port is a standard on all Android devices, tablets, and other gadgets except iPhones.

In a series of tweets, Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that iPhone 15 models which will launch in the second half of 2023 and will come with a Type-C port rather than the usual lightning port. USB Type-C ports normally offer faster charging and data transfer so this might be one of the reasons for Apple to ditch its proprietary lightning port.

As mentioned earlier that this change is not a surprise and it is coming as per earlier leaks and rumors. The Cupertino-headquartered tech giant has already adopted the Type-C port on it’s iPad Pro, iPad Mini, MacBooks, and iPad Air. Another reason for this change is the new European Union regulations and Apple wants to comply with the new regulations that were introduced in September last year. European Union proposes a new regulation where it is compulsory for all devices to have a standard USB Type-C port including iPhones and other Apple devices.

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