Apple Stopped Signing iOS 15 Code For Good

An Apple leaker named Kang has revealed a warning notice received from Apple, who accused him of leaking iPhone 12 series details before the official launch. While it’s clear that he shared various of such details in past, and ranked no.1 leaker in the Apple community, he disputed saying that they’re his mere dreams of upcoming Apple products, thus Apple shouldn’t be doing that.

Apple Warned a Leaker

Apple Leaker Warned for Sharing Unofficial Details

Apple, like any other company, wants no leaks regarding their upcoming projects to go into the public before they’re officially unveiled. While it tries hard to stop this from happening, somehow, few sensitive details regarding an upcoming product or a service get leaked into the open world.

As insiders, in most cases, form to be the reason for this, it takes severe action against them if spotted. But if it’s onto external leakers who obtain information from various sources and leaks it to the public, affected companies respond with a legal course to bar them from doing that.

Apple does the same, as it targeted a leaker named Kang, blaming that he often shared details of various upcoming Apple products, and shared personal opinions that might degrade its reputation. Thus, it had sent a warning notice to Kang regarding this.

In a post he shared on Weibo account, Apple said Kang’s leak of iPhone 12 series details before the official announcement may form as an advantage to its rivals, and be misleading to the community who may expect something that’s not coming. Thus, it warns Kang of his actions.

Kang, on the other hand, even though he’s first on the AppleTrack leaderboard, disputes the claims Apple made saying he never made any NDA with Apple, and all his posts saying leaks are his dreams expecting from Apple.

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