As of now, Google is the default search engine on all of Apple devices. To stay the default search engine on Apple products, Google pays Apple with $10 to $12 billion every year.

This deal will expire soon and there might be a reason that Apple won’t renew the deal. The reason for this is the new antitrust case by the US Department of Justice against Google. This is why Apple might venture into its search engine and end its relationship with the search giant.

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Apple previously made a move to part its way from Google back in 2014. The iPhone maker introduced its Applebot web crawler to replace Google’s web crawler. To move further in 2017 Apple hired Google’s search and artificial intelligence head John Giannandrea. John Giannandrea appointed as a senior vice president machine learning and artificial strategy at Apple.

Another move was made this year in iOS14. Now the iPhone OS search option directs visitors to the website directly without going to the Google search.

It is still unclear what the iPhone maker is making as a search engine. Apple didn’t share any further details till yet. We have to wait to see if it will be a full search engine just like Google or Bing. Or it is just a search feature in iOS and macOS as we see in Huawei.

However, the deal between the two tech giants will face some regulatory pressure and thus forces Apple to bring its alternative. It is not yet clear when this will happen but seems like it will happen soon.

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