Apple the most valued company globally reached 1.8 billion active devices in 2021 after adding 150 million new devices alone in 2021. Apple manufactures different types of hardware which include iPhone, Macs, MacBook, iPads, Air Pods, and Watches. Apple CEO Tim Cook in a meeting call with investors confirmed that the company has reached a milestone of 1.8 billion active devices.

As per the company’s financial report, Apple earned more revenue than ever before in the October to December quarter. The revenue is fueled by the outstanding sales of the iPhone 13 series during the holiday season as the company generated almost $71 billion from the sales of iPhones only in the last quarter. With the great sales last quarter, the company was able to add 150 million new devices to the list of its active devices taking the total tally to 1.8 billion active devices at the end of 2021.

Apple reported 1.5 billion active devices in January 2020 which further increased to 1.65 billion active devices in early 2021. The company also became the 1st(first) United States company to hit the $2 trillion market capitalization in the year 2020. In 2021, the company achieved some more milestones as it reached 1 billion active iPhones and 100 million Active Apple watches. For user’s information, Apple considers a device active if any Apple services were used on that device in the past 90 days.

On the other hand, Google disclosed last year that there are 3 billion active Android users that use the Google Play Service. If we talked about the users that are using the alternative stores and the users of China then the number of active Android devices is much higher than 3 billion. On its financial report day, Microsoft came forward and announced that the company has 1.4 billion active Windows 10 and 11 devices at the moment.

Last week, Apple posted it’s financial report for the quarter ended December 2021 and it had a record-breaking earning during that quarter. The company reached $123.9 billion in revenue and $34.6 billion in operating profit during that quarter which also includes the holiday season. iPhone sales accounted for $71.63 billion out of the $123.9 billion during the holiday season last quarter.

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