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Apple has recorded a massive growth in sales in 2021 by selling MacBook with M1 chip, canalys reported. As per Windows Central, the global PC market witnessed massive growth in 2021. The report reveals that the global PC sales increases by 15% in 2021 as compared to 2020 and increase by 27% as compared to 2019. The overall PC shipment witnessed its highest level since 2012.

Apple PC Sales
via: canalys

Apple sales saw a massive 28% increase by shipping 7.8 million units in 2021 courtesy of the M1 chip-based MacBook which impressed everyone with it’s striking performance. The company sales grew double-digit but still, it is far behind the top three manufacturers in terms of the number of units shipped in 2021. Lenovo and HP market shares declined in 2021 but still, they managed to ship 82.1 million & 74 million units respectively and achieved 24.1% & 21.7% market share respectively.

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Apple’s growth is mainly fueled by M1 MacBook which also made headlines in 2020 as the most powerful laptop. The response was so good that Apple launched M1 powered iMac and MacBook Pro in 2021.

Even in markets that saw a growth in PC/laptop sales, Apple managed to beat it’s competitors in those markets with a number of units shipped annually. Lenovo shipment declined but still, it tops the list with a 24.1% market share and only achieved 13.1% growth in 2021. HP shipment also declined as the company achieved 21.7% market share and 9.5% growth last year. On the other hand, DELL, market share increased a little bit to 17.4% and it gained the highest growth among windows PC that is 18%. Apple gained 8.5% of market share despite having a 28% increase in market shipment.

2022 Prospects:

Canalys Senior Analyst, Ishan Dutt says: “Taking a long-term view, the most important developments in 2021 were the large increases in PC penetration and usage rates. PCs are now in the hands of both young students and older family members, while ownership of two or more PCs per person has become more common in developed markets. Since the onset of the pandemic, a larger than normal proportion of PCs shipped have been new additions to the installed base rather than replacement devices, especially in areas such as education and remote work.”

The year 2022 looks promising in terms of PC shipment as the global chip shortage might end which means more PC will be available for consumers in the market and at competitive prices.

Apple PC sales are a good sign for the company as previously the company didn’t achieve the required target of PC sales. On the other hand, the Cupertino headquarter’s revenue continues to impress with $83.36 billion earning in last quarter mainly due to the impressive sale of iPhones globally.

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