iPhone 14 Series to Have The Best-Ever Front Camera

After facing backlash for being negligible towards the right to repair movement, Apple is finally doing something good.

The company in a report to The Verge said that it will be releasing software to iPhone 13, that will make the Face ID work after screen swap. As of now, it’s really hard for indie repair shops to make the Face ID work, after replacing a broken display of the iPhone 13.

A Software For Face ID to Rework

Apple to Make it Easier For Indie Repair Shops on iPhone 13 Screen Replacement

Just when the American gadget users are advocating for the right to repair movement, Apple made a stupid decision to fight against them by making it hard to perform DIY repairs of its products. But, it’s now slowly backtracking on this.

The company is now focusing on the needs of professional users of MacBooks, by fitting ports again. Also, it made the replacement of batteries easier. Now, it’s making it simple for indie repair shops to replace the iPhone 13 display and make it work as usual.

This is a big move, as Apple was criticized for making it harder all this time. The company has set a microchip in The iPhone 13’s display, and replacing a broken screen should have the chip being replaced too! This is very hard for the general repair shops, in terms of expertise and equipment.

But, Apple helps its authorized service centers to make this possible with special software. Using this will tune the phone to accept the new screen easily. As the backlash is increasing, Apple said that it would release a software update soon to iPhone 13, which would make it easier for replacing the screen and get it working.

Else, it’s breaking the Face ID functionality on iPhone 13s, which is a critical security feature of the handset. Though it promised reliable software for this, it didn’t say when.

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