Apple to Put Ads in Maps, Books and Podcasts Soon

In order to increase the revenue from ads, Apple is planning to put more ads in it’s native apps coming with the iPhone.

This comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who stated Apple could soon launch ads in Maps, Books, and Podcasts. This works similar to ads in Apple Store, where developers pay Apple to get their apps listed above in the search results.

More Ads in iPhone Apps

As if Apple isn’t earning enough, it’s trying to reap more benefits from it’s advertising wing by selling spaces in default iPhone apps. As Mark Gurman from Bloomberg stated, Apple could soon display ads in Maps, Books, and Podcasts apps – which come default in iPhones.

Regarding Maps, store owners and restaurants can pay Apple to have their listings show at the top whenever a user does a relevant search in the Maps. This could be the same case in Books and Podcasts apps too, where publishers or media houses pay Apple to push their content to the top in the recommendations.

Aside from this, Gurman stated the expansion of ads in the App Store too, specifically in the Today tab and app download pages. Also, users may see ads in the “You Might Also Like” section, where they appear in highlighted blue color.

Further, we may see ads coming to the Apple TV too, where Apple is said to be planning a low-cost ad-tier plan similar to Netflix and Disney+. The platform already puts ads on Friday Night Baseball live stream while charging $4.99 a month. Well, it doesn’t display ads in regular contact.

Apple has been selling ad slots in the Stocks and News app for quite a time, with more business coming from App Store. And with the company gaining an ad revenue of $3.7 billion in 2021, it’ll definitely think of expanding.

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