Vision Pro
Vision Pro

A new support document released by Apple states that the Vision Pro won’t support Bluetooth mice, forcing users to rely on it’s Magic Trackpad.

While having Bluetooth mice is unnecessary, considering Apple’s accurate eye and hand tracking for navigation and controls, some users may still be waiting for it. Yet, you can use any gaming controller that’s marked as ‘Made for iPhone’ for handling things with Vision Pro.

Magic Trackpad Instead of Mouse

Launched yesterday with great hype, Apple’s Vision Pro is the company’s newest product in seven years. The mixed-reality headset has hundreds of apps at launch, varying across entertainment and productivity but you should be accustomed to using some without a mouse!

According to a new support document released on Friday, Apple mentioned the list of devices it’s Vision Pro supports. The bunch includes “most” Bluetooth keyboards, including it’s own and from other manufacturers, but no Bluetooth mice!

Instead, Apple asked users to use it’s Magic Trackpad. Well, with the Vision Pro tracking your eyes and hands for precision navigation and controls, there shouldn’t be a need for a Bluetooth mouse, but having the support may satisfy some, who especially are comfortable with it.

Apple said that other accessories are also supported, like gaming controllers, which are critical for specific experiences. Anything marked Made for iPhone(MFi) will work with the Apple Vision Pro, including controllers from Xbox, PlayStation and others that work with iPadOS.

Apple also mentioned that the Vision Pro may not work with older Bluetooth keyboards like those that use removable batteries, so you may need to upgrade them accordingly.

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