Apple to be Sued Over Antitrust Practises Regarding AirTags

Dissatisfied with Apple’s hourly wage rate, some of the store workers in the US are protesting against the company’s policies.

In the pursuit of forcing Apple to pay more, the union Apple workers are seen using Android phones and encrypted chats. This is mainly due to evade detection from the company’s managers and retaliation.

Android Phones and Encrypted Chats

Apple Workers Are Using Android Phones in Their Union Efforts

Working for one of the richest companies on the planet may not always guarantee you the best pay, especially for the ground-level employees. And that results in either leaving the company, or protesting for a better pay. But the Apple store workers are protesting against company’s hourly wage rate, even though it’s in par with others in the area.

This is happening in the US, as several store employees in particular urban areas are demanding the company to pay more for keeping up with the rising housing prices and general inflation. In this pursuit, they’re seen using Android phones and encrypted chats to process their union communication.

This can also help them avoid detection and possible retaliation from Apple. While some employees have already spoken to media anonymously, some are even being supported by the National Labor Relations Board in this mission.

Well, these wage protests from Apple workers are reportedly based on the Starbucks case, where their employees at several stores in the US have successfully forced the company to pay better through protests.

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