Apple: iOS Devs Should Put an 'Account Delete' Button in Their Apps

Apple’s privacy labels – which show the data collection details of apps – in the App Store have mysteriously been missing since last night.

The same thing happened on Mac Store too. While Apple didn’t acknowledge this change yet, many report this to be a bug. And soon a person familiar with the matter said to 9to5Mac that it will soon be resolved by Apple.

Missing Privacy Labels in App Store

App Store is a place where Apple promises a safe place to download desired apps. With strong rules enforced against app developers and restrictions on it’s devices, Apple is keeping the ecosystem tight and secure.

In this pursuit, the company announced privacy labels (also known as nutrition labels) at it’s WWDC 2020 event, alongside the iOS 14. These are specific labels to inform users what data the apps are collecting. This information is to be filled in by the app developers, and be updated as they seek more permissions.

Apple divided this privacy labels section in App Store into three parts, – “data used to track you,” “data linked to you,” and “data not linked to you.” And says this is to let users make an informed decision while downloading and using those apps’ services.

Hoping this would build trust with potential users, Apple users are highly benefitted from these labels. But to their surprise, these privacy labels on all the apps in App Store and Mac Store have disappeared since last night!

With the exact reason being unknown, many said this could be due to a bug. Apple’s system status page too indicates no issue in the App Store! Yet, a person familiar with the matter said to 9to5Mac that a fix for this issue is coming soon.

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