Apple's New iOS 14.5 Has a Privacy Feature That's Annoying Facebook

Apple has today rolled out the latest iOS 14.5 update for its iPhone and iPad (iPadOS 14.5) which is having a privacy feature that’s annoying Facebook. Named as the “App Tracking Transparency“, this new feature will let iPhone users decide whether they can be tracked or not. Third-party apps should be asking users permission for various elements, before obtaining the data.

Apple vs Facebook in Privacy

Apple's New iOS 14.5 Has a Privacy Feature That's Annoying Facebook

Apple has long been credited with providing reliable privacy and security features, which an average consumer won’t much care about. But with the rise of leaks and cybercrimes, online privacy is becoming an important element of everyone’s lives. And the company that’s handing power to users to control their own privacy is Apple.

The Cupertino-based company has announced the rollout of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 today, which has an important privacy feature for users, called App Tracking Transparency. Under this, Apple wants all the third-party apps and websites to (even if existing all ready in the device), ask permission from the user to be tracked.

This may include asking for permissions like the location, access to contacts, logs, and other apps. The data collected can be crucial in targeted advertising, as it displays relevant ads for the users based on their interest for better convertibility. As Apple is cracking down on this free-access of data practice, advertisers relying on this started to complain.

One prominent among them is Facebook, which is drawing over $85 billion a year from its targeted ads business. Thus, it started advocating against Apple’s new policy since the announcement and delayed this long with petitions in court. It accused that this new feature is aimed at profiting Apple, by pushing app developers to charge users for their services instead of earning from ads.

Facebook on the other hand is free and relies much on its ad business for earning income. With Apple pushing this new feature anyway, we shall see how deep Facebook will be affected in the future.

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