A new report by CIRP revealed that Apple’s smartphone market share in the US is at about 39%, a 2% up from last year.

While it’s still an unofficial report, other research firms estimated the share to be 50% or above. CIRP also stated that Apple’s smartphone market share peaked in 2020 at 46% and declined since then.

Researching Apple’s Smartphone Market Share

Apple is undoubtedly the most popular smartphone brand in the US, but how well do you know it’s popularity? Well, market research made by several outlets from time to time reveals these statistics and the latest report from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners(CIRP) stated the figure is fairly high.

In it’s report titled “Apple Smartphone Market Share in the US is Stable – and Second Place,” CIRP noted Apple has a 39% smartphone market share in the US, 2% up from last year’s allocation. A comparison of this data over the previous five years shows that Apple’s share peaked at 46% in 2020 and lost around 10% in the next two years.

Apple's US Smartphone Market Share as per CIRP
Apple’s US Smartphone Market Share as per CIRP

While it’s intriguing to see these numbers, remember that these are not the official numbers, as results vary on several factors, like sample size and the randomness of the respondents participating. For example, similar research by Counterpoint in July said that Apple holds 55% smartphone market share in the US – a difference of 16% from today’s CIRP report.

But with both these reports coming from reliable outlets, we expect the actual market share of Apple in the US to be somewhere between these two numbers – 39% and 55%. What do you think? Tell us below.

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