If you’re planning to buy Apple’s Vision Pro headset coming later this week, note that it comes with a heavy battery with a limited life span!

Also, it’s not hot-swappable, so you can’t switch the battery without turning off the Vision Pro. This could effectively blank out the video game or a movie you’re engaged with and force you to restart when switching batteries.

Charge Your Vision Pro Well Before Using

After launching with great hype, Apple’s Vision Pro is set to be available from February 9th onwards and later on the global markets. Though the company boasts it as a futuristic device, it isn’t convincing in many ways. One among them is it’s heavier battery, which has a shorter lifespan than an average smartphone!

A review by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber revealed that the battery of a Vision Pro has a capacity of 3,166 mAh, compared to the 3,274 mAh battery found in the iPhone 15 Pro. Further, it’s heavier – about 325g, compared to the iPhone 15 Pro’s 187g.

Apple’s Vision Pro comes with an external battery pack with a proprietary connector for attaching to the headset, by rotating it a quarter turn to lock it into place. It can be charged via a USB-C port with the 30W wall charger included in the box.

Apple also offers an additional battery pack for $200 but there’s no point since they’re not hot-swappable. You cannot change the battery while watching a movie or playing a game, as there’s no built-in reserve battery in the headset to hold on your content while swapping batteries. Instead, you need to shut down, replace the batteries and reboot the device to resume – resulting in losing your progress.

Anyhow, Apple promised a 2.5-hour battery life for 2D video playback and a 2-hour battery life overall, letting you plan activities accordingly. Also, initial reviewers claim up to three hours of general use on the Vision Pro, so it shouldn’t be that bad.

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