Back To Basics: Choosing Colors And Building Templates For Instagram

Some Instagram profiles leave you awestruck with their perfect use of colors and tones to create the most aesthetic looking theme. And, there are others that have great content, but seriously lack cohesion in terms of following a theme.

Surely, you would want your profile to be counted among the former. So, what you should do to let that happen?

The fact is that people are going to follow you and appreciate your posts more if they enjoy the voice and style of your account. When every post comes with a completely different tone, the feed looks too cluttered for people to care.

With that being said, here’s a detailed guideline to follow on building templates and choosing colors on Instagram.

  1. Concrete on the Right Use of Tone

The first thing you need to decide on is the tone you want to go with. You can go with warmer or cooler tones, and even keep a mix of both.

Many Instagram users change the tone of their profile as per the seasons, which is a great idea. You get to see the cool blues in the winters and the beautiful orange hues in the autumn.

Of course, you don’t have to follow the same route for your feed. But, it’s important to give your followers something pleasing to their eyes. They should start expecting you to serve beautiful images with artistic tones.

  1. Choose A Consistent Subject For Your Feed

Next up, your feed needs to have a consistent subject to grab attention.

For instance, you can visit the Instagram profile of any top beach resort in the world. You will notice that there is a predominance of the color blue, gorgeous beaches, cocktails, and beachwear. Take your inspiration from such well-curated feeds to create your own.

So, what is going to be your subject? Do you love traveling to the mountains? Are you a big foodie?

It will be easier to create a theme for your Instagram page once you choose your subject.

  1. Shake Things Up Once In A While

You also need to remember that sticking to a color palette or subject should not make the whole thing look monotonous to your audience. While you can still stick to your subject, switch up the color scheme of your feed every once in a while.

After going with pastel colors for nine to twelve images, shake things up with a more vivid hue. Go with a sequence like red-blue-brown or maybe orange-blue-yellow.

Keep in mind that you are only switching the colors and not the style. The consistency of your composition is still important.

The Different Types of Color Palettes for Your Feed

Now that you have an idea about building a template, creating a style, and choosing colors for your Instagram feed, let’s further discuss some popular color palettes.

Given below is a brief overview of the three highly popular but easy color palettes that you can use for Instagram:

  1. Analogous Palettes

As you can probably guess from the name, analogous colors are the ones that are right next to one another on the color wheel. These colors are very similar to one another, which is why they are next to each other on the wheel.

If you aim to have a strictly cool or warm look in the entire Instagram feed, this idea is perfect for you. For instance, orange, red-orange, and red is an analogous color series.

  1. Monochromatic Palettes

A monochromatic palette will be perfect for you if your brand is associated with a particular color. You can use the color of your logo or your badge on the feed to help your audience relate your content to your brand.

There is no reason to think that monochromatic palettes do not give you enough scope to play with colors or showcase your creativity. All you need to do is use different tones of the same color, such as powder blue, ice blue, baby blue, and aquamarine.

  1. Complementary Palettes

Now, this color palette is pretty creative and not as easy to use as the ones mentioned before. However, if you can do this right, you can create a feed that piques the interest of your audience and captures their attention.

So, for this theme, you will have to use colors opposite each other on the color wheel. For instance, in the typical red-yellow-blue color wheel, the complementary colors are yellow-blue and green-red. They look disparate but go well together.

  1. Neutral Palettes

To be honest, neutral palettes do not follow any particular type of color. But, it is still worth mentioning this palette because it does well on Instagram feeds. If you feel that you can make your brand stand out through it, then go for it by all means.

Use colors like black, white, grey, and slate for this palette. The best part is that you can include a pop of colors for three or six pictures to make an eye-catching feed.

Tools to Build Templates and Choose Colors for Instagram Feed

You have a clear idea about how to curate your Instagram feed through colors and follow a particular theme. However, to make all that happen, you need the right tools to edit your images and videos.

With the right editing tools, you can even improve your Instagram video marketing because you can use the same color palette or template for your videos too.

Make sure to choose software that is easy to use and has a wide range of tools for editing. You’ll find good online editing websites that let you do it for free.


And that’s it for today! This covers the basics of colors as well as templates for Instagram.

So, are you continuing with your old and monotonous Instagram feed? It’s time for a change, and the tips given above should give you plenty of ideas about what you can do.

Hurry up and start making the changes!

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