Barnes & Noble Speculates the Breach of Customer Data in a Cyberattack
Barnes & Noble Speculates the Breach of Customer Data in a Cyberattack

Barnes & Noble, a popular book store chain in the US has reported a security incident, where it speculates some data of its customers could have been breached. Its users have previously reported about the inaccessibility of their Nook online service, which Barnes & Noble reasoned with a system failure initially, but later confirmed because of a cyberattack.

Barnes & Noble Reports Security Incident

Barnes & Noble is a famous book store chain having over 600 outlets across all the United States. The company has been a go-to store for many book enthusiasts in the past, but gradually lost its charm due to the advent of the internet. Emerging of E-commerce and ebooks have consumed Barnes & Noble eventually.

Yet, the company has tried surviving by launching a digital service called Nook, which comes with a tablet and Barnes & Noble’s entire book collection in a virtual form to consume. While this is going good, some users of it have complained losing of purchase history and inaccessibility of using the Nook service.

Barnes & Noble came out saying that it’s facing a system failure, and is trying to rectify soon. The Registrar has an additional reporting that, cash registers in some stores were unable to work for some time, hinting speculations about any cyberattack. While many thought of a ransomware attack, Barnes & Noble came up with another statement.

It revealed that it was hit by a cyberattack, that resulted in the downtime of its Nook services. Also, it admitted that unauthorized access had happened into its corporate systems, and speculates data breach. It said, “We currently have no evidence of the exposure of any of this data, but we cannot at this stage rule out the possibility.

The data included in this is said to be customer’s email addresses, phone numbers, billing and shipping addresses and transaction histories. While these could have accessed, Barnes & Noble assured that there’s no financial data involved in this incident.

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