Best apps fro Samsung S 10 Plus

Samsung has never disappointed its users with its flagship smartphones. Samsung S10 plus is one of them. The smartphone is curated with amazing specifications, features and a great combination of hardware and software. But, as best as it sounds, we can still unlock the possibilities of making the smartphone even smarter with third-party apps. Some of the best apps for Samsung S10 plus are listed below.

Best apps fro Samsung S 10 Plus

You can find a lot of apps compatible with Samsung S10 plus on google play, but which one is the best for your device? Out of millions of apps in the market, some of them are listed below to make your work much easier. These apps are the best apps for Samsung S10 plus that you can download and install on your device.

Apart from social media apps, messaging apps, music apps, and entertainment apps there are other apps in the market that you can use on your Samsung S10 plus device. Apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, and Spotify are the apps that we use daily.

Below you will find apps apart from the ones mentioned-above to provide you with some innovative and helpful apps to enhance your experience.

  1. Google Indic Keyboard

Samsung S10 Plus does come with a keyboard but lacks some features. Google Indic Keyboard is the best alternative to the keyboard provided by the company. The app allows you to choose from more than 12 languages.

Best apps for Samsung S10 plus

It supports various modes of input like handwriting mode that is available for Hindi language keyboard, translation mode, native keyboard mode, and Hinglish mode.

The app gives suggestions while typing and corrects in case of grammatical mistakes. Would else you could as for then saving yourself from grammatical mistakes while mailing to your boss.

2. Adobe Lightroom CC

Looking for a photo editor app, then go for Adobe Lightroom CC app. The app supports raw HDR capture mode and provides its user with advanced photo editing features. The app offers a pro-level camera loaded with a variety of features such as color mixer, tone curves, edits, and exposure.

Best apps for Samsung S10 plus

The app also offers some premium features like raw editing, adobe sensei, selective adjustments and geometry. These features are premium feature collections. The premium features are easy to use and improve photography skills.

3. Opera News

Are you someone who likes to be up-to-date with what’s happening around the world, in their city and country? Then, Opera news is just for you. You can watch the latest videos, and connect with local, current, trending and important news to keep yourself updated.

The Opera news app offers some functionalities like search news, personalized news, top news, offline reading, interest graph, Instaclips, new push notifications and much more. You can read all the articles that are shared by media on this app.

Best apps for Samsung S10 plus

The app offers a feature named as favorite. Here you can save the videos and articles as favorite. The app delivers the content as per your interest. To get the latest feeds personalized, you would have to follow your favorite channels.

4. FX File Explorer

FX File Explorer is simple, and safe to use the app. The app is powered with amazing features that enable you to manage your files effectively. The app allows you to access files from different platforms such as Google Drive, local storage, and computer devices.
The FX File Explorer gives you access to any file within seconds.

Best apps for Samsung S10 plus

5. Camera FV-5

The camera is one of the most important functions of a smartphone for which users crave for. When buying a new smartphone, the camera is the first thing that comes in mind. However, Samsung S10 Plus does have a nice camera, but why not have the best.
Camera FV-5 is known to be DSLR photography.

Best apps for Samsung S10 plus

The app offers features such as DSLR like viewfinder display, speed-priority modes, long exposure support and much more. The app offers the best user interface powered with 30 different languages to choose from. The Camera FV-5 offers various storage platforms. However, the app is not free to install. It is a paid app.

I hope you find the above-listed apps to be useful and helpful as per your needs. There are various other apps that you can consider installing it on your device.

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